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Air-Cooled Porsches at DRT2020

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

The Miami Porsche community came together in South Miami at DRT2020 (formerly Das Renn Treffen) with 500+ air-and water- cooled Porsches lining the streets.

Porsche 356 with DRT2020 Graphics
Porsche 356 DRT2020

Air Brigade Commander Jim manages a similar, but smaller Porsche gathering for PCA Appalachian Region that is capped at 200 Porsches on the streets of Brevard, North Carolina – I was eager to see the set up and flow of cars for display. Air Brigade also worked with Al Rodriguez, the organizer to be sure 600 goodie bags contained an Air Brigade card and window cling. I had estimated that 30% of the Porsches would be air-cooled. The final count was just under that at 130 air-cooled Porsches representing 26% of the approximately 500 Porsches on display.

The day was a gathering of old friends and community of air-cooled Porsche enthusiasts. The day started with running into my old race prep shop owner Phil Bagley of Klub Sports Racing and Tom Sutherland. They were busy unloading a 1973 RS 2.7 and a 356 for WaltGrace Cars and Guitars. As usual with Klub Sport these were high quality collector quality air-cooled Porsches.

Mark Pribanic Porsche 356 at DRT2020
Porsche 356 of Mark Pribanic

Air Brigade subscribers and members were spotted including Will Brooks of Bavarian Enthusiast TV, Mark Pribanic and his well traveled 356 and Charles Stanley setting up a Porsche art display featuring his wife’s Porsche art works.

Porsche Artwork at DRT2020
Charles Stanley Talking Porsches at DRT2020

Arrival at 7:00 am allowed me to view the cars on the move and hear and smell them running. The line-up going into the display area consisted of every imaginable Porsche sports car. What a sight and sound. One company had to electric powered 911’s so the sound was lacking with them and provided an odd perspective to see an old 911 but not being able to hear the familiar hum of the Porsche air-cooled flat six.

Gulf Porsche 911 at DRT2020
DRT2020 Morning Arrival of Porsche 911s

I enjoyed the method of display because the cars were grouped by similar cars: water-cooled 911s, air-cooled 911;s, 356s and 914s. One special display consisted of all yellow performance cars from the air-cooled era. These were some of the few cars roped off as they were all worth $1.5 million plus each. It was a stunning display.

Porsche Carrera GT at dRT2020
Yellow Porsche Display at DRT2020

Once I have had time to recoup, a full gallery of photos will be posted. The gallery will be up by Wednesday, February 12, so come back to to check out all the photos.

POrshce 356 Speedster at DRT2020
Porsche 356 Speedster on 356 Alley

Vintage Porsche 911 Race Car at DRT2020
Porsche 911 Vintage Racer

Porsche 914 at DRT2020
Porsche 914s were in the minority but represented

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On-Site Report from The Collection Cars & Coffee for DRT2020:

Porsche 911 Artwork
Porsche Art from DRT2020

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