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Air-Cooled Porsches Galore - Cars and Coffee at DRT2020 in Miami

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

The Das Renn Treffen 2020 pre-event activities kicked off with a Saturday morning Cars & Coffee at The Collection. The number of cars and participants were overwhelming. The only cars in any number that were missing were Porsche 356’s due to a conflicting 356 Annual event being held in Florida on the same weekend.

Note that a complete photo gallery will be posted later in the week of February 10 once the Commander returns home and has a chance to upload all the photos.

Air Brigade flew into Miami on Saturday morning from the Asheville, North Carolina headquarters. Due to weather issues in Asheville and the connection in Atlanta, arrival at The Collection was later than planned, but the Porsche sensory overload started immediately on the streets leading up to the event with Porsches everywhere, including 992s, Carrera 3.2, early 911s, Caymans, Boxsters, 996s, etc. Everything was everywhere.

Once I entered the actual streets blocked off for the Cars & Coffee I saw one air-cooled Porsche after another at almost a 50% rate of all cars showing on the streets. I had had a discussion prior to the event with DRT organizer Al Rodriguez as to whether air-cooled Porsches would be represented in large enough quantities to make it worthwhile for Air Brigade to be a sponsor. Miami seems to be a place that loves their air-cooled Porsches and will bring them out for the big events.

After wading through cars, crowds, and people, I found the registration and checked in. I was late so all the goodies were gone so I guess my check-in just helped to show The Collection data building efforts.

Since I was now in the dealership I took the opportunity to branch off from looking at air-cooled Porsches to look at the new Taycan electric Porsche. A white Taycan was on display and doors were open for the opportunity to sit and feel the car. I have to say: “Very Nice.” The seating position and IP were very impressive. I would like a chance to drive one, but it wasn’t going to happen with the crowds today.

After the obligatory trip to the Porsche merchandise store, I continued my exploration and discovery of all the great cars present. To my surprise I ran into an Air Brigade member, Sean Hart out of Atlanta. Sean and I first crossed paths at last year’s Petit LeMans’ PorschePlatz when I photographed his 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo. He made the 11-hour trip down from Atlanta in his White Sleeper Carrera and had it on display front and center at the show. It was great to connect with an Air Brigade member and to see the troops out at these major Porsche events.

The VIP opening party was next on the calendar and will get its own report.

Continue to check the week of February 10 as galleries and stories will be posted all week.

Air-Cooled Porsche Photo Gallery from DRT2020:

On-Site Report of Air-Cooled Porsches at DRT2020:

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