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DRT2020 Porsche Photo Gallery

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

The DRT2020 Porsche Festival, formerly Das Renn Treffen was four days of track and show Porsche events held Februay 6-10, 2020 in Miami. Air Brigade was on site for three of the events including The Collection DRT2020 Cars & Coffee, the DRT2020 VIP Cocktail Party and DRT2020 Miami Show. Enjoy photo galleries below for each event.

The Collection DRT2020 Cars & Coffee Photo Gallery

The Collection DRT2020 Cars & Coffee easily had over 100 Porsches lining the streets around the dealership and in the dealership. It seemed at least half of the Porsches on the streets were air-cooled Porsches. Porsches were lined up by old and new, including 911’s, 356’s and 914’s. Inside the dealership there was a new Taycan and several 992’s. The high-end Porsches definitely reflected the dealership clientele of upscale Miami. The Collection also sells Ferraris and McLarens in the dealership.

Within the concierge valet parking area of the dealer there were food trucks and special Porsche show vehicles. There was a grouping of Safari 911’s, a couple Singer 911’s and quality 356 models.

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DRT2020 VIP Cocktail Party

On Saturday night there was The Collection sponsored VIP Cocktail Party pre-show. The centerpiece of the lounge was a Midnight Blue Taycan surrounded by cocktail bars and a food buffet. A band provided background music while the guests mingled, met and conversed about the events that had occurred and in preparation for the big show on Sunday.

New friends were made and in my case a drive on the Tail of the Dragon was arranged for June when a new Porsche friend from Miami is vacationing in Boone, North Carolina. He is shipping his Cayman GT4 up from Miami to enjoy the great driving roads of Western North Carolina.

Lighting was poor due to the VIP Party being a night affair with low lighting so pictures are few.

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DRT2020 Porsche Festival Photos

The day started early with load-in of 500+ Porsches entering the show streets. Excitement mounted as the engines roared and the smell of gasoline wafted through the air. I felt like a kid on Christmas Day; not sure what present to open first. Do I search out the one-of-a-kind Porsches, or look for the early-911’s, a personal favorite of Carrera 3.2 or the unique niche of the 914’s. I chose to start walking without a destination in mind. It was going to be a discovery day. I never knew what I was going to see next. Surprise was the order of the day. I have arranged the photos the same way. Enjoy the selection and I hope you discover and surprise as I did on the day of the event.