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A Video Walk Around on the Porsche 914

Porsche 914 Walkaround
1973 Porsche 914 2.0 liter | Werks Reunion Amelia Island

Air Brigade Commander Jim Moore showed his 1973 Porsche 914 2.0 liter at this year’s Werks Reunion Amelia Island. While at Werks, Will Brooks, of Bavarian Enthusiast TV stopped by to talk 914’s with Jim since Werks was celebrating 50 Years of the Porsche 914.

Bavarian Enthusiast TV usually focuses on the Porsche 911’s that are in Will’s garage; a 993 911 and a Carrera 3.2. Will took the opportunity to speak with Air Brigade to learn about 914’s and discuss the Porsche stable mates to the 914 back at home. They include a 1986 Porsche Carrera 3.2 and a 2009 Twin Turbo 911.

The Bavarian Enthusiast TV interview of Air Brigade Commander Jim featured a walk-around of the Air Brigade 914 with a discussion of its history in the family and driving characteristics compared to the 911’s it shares the garage with.