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Air-Cooled Porsches at Werks Reunion Amelia Island 2020

Over 250 air-cooled Porsches attended the PCA Werks Reunion Amelia Island Porsche Show at the Amelia River Golf Club on Friday, March 6, 2020. Porsche owners displayed their classic Porsches in the judged category or in the parking corral. There is always an exciting array of Porsches in both categories so it requires a significant walk to be sure each unique Porsche is seen.

Highlights among some of the air-cooled Porsches on display included daily-driven weathered 911, 914 and 356 and pristine show cars. The variety of cars is what really makes this a fantastic event to attend. There also were over 20 vendors present offering wares for both water- and air-cooled Porsches.

Every model of Porsche was present from early Porsche 356 to the present day just-launched Porsche Taycan in the famous Pink Pig livery.

Included below is a photo gallery of some the favorites from the Air Brigade photo team. If you would like any of the photos, Air Brigade will provide you with a high resolution. Just be sure you have signed up as an Air Brigade member and then send me an email requesting which photo(s) you would like to receive as a digital file.

It was a beautiful day as the event celebrated the 50thAnniversary of the Porsche 914. Commander Jim and Air Brigade members Mark and Amy drove their 47-year old 914’s from Asheville, North Carolina on a 1,000-mile round trip. The only causalities were a bad wiper, a stuck horn and a fuel line that became disconnected. German engineering and dependability continue to be strong 47 years after production.

Both 914’s were on the judged show field and though they were the winners in our eyes, the judges didn’t agree. It still was a fun experience but Mark, Amy and I agreed that this is probably the last long drive in the 914’s. They’ll still have frequent service running the mountains of North Carolina, but day trips are the order of the day.

Air Brigade members were in attendance with sightings of Carl and Janice, Charlie, Greg, Will, Marvin, Keith, Rusty, Mark and Amy and Sara. Several PCA Appalachian Region members sighted were Frank and Mona and Charlie.

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