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Porsche Colors

After limited-run, low volume models, the biggest factor in purchase is Porsche Colors. According to the Colors of Porsche exhibit in the Heritage Gallery at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta:

60% of people say that color is one of the main factors

they consider when purchasing a car

Porsche Colors
Colors of Porsche Exhibit at Porsche Experience Center

This current Porsche Heritage Gallery exhibit highlights some of the unique, one of kind Porsche colors with facts and Porsches in the unique shades.

Guards Red is considered one of the most popular colors along with silver, white and black. You either have “look-at-me” bright red or the “safer” over a period of time traditional colors of silver, white or black.

Before racing cars were plastered in sponsor logos, the teams ran their cars in the national color. For Germany, and therefore Porsche, that color is silver so it is a natural favorite among Porsche owners due to the racing Porsches originally running with a silver livery.

The first 911 prototype was a simple white. 11 other colors were introduced with the launch of the 911 but the original simple white became a favorite. White is also one of the most popular car colors in all cars with it being the most sold color year after year.

However, it is usually the unique colors of a 911 that command the greatest premium during resale, whether it is the Fire Mist shown on the 911R in the exhibit or the Azzuro California Blue on the GT3 Touring 991.2.

Porsche Colors Fire Mist and Pastel Orange
Porsche 911R in Fire Mist, Porsche GT3 in Pastel Orange

Porsche Colors Porsche GT3 Blue
Porsche GT3 Touring in Azzuro California Blue

Porsche has over 500 historic, current and rare colors from the Porsche Paint to Sample (PTS) program. Two unique colors were shown in the gallery, one a Viola Metallic on a Porsche 918 Spyder and the other a paint to sample Pastel Orange on a 2011 Porsche GT3 RS 4.0.

Porsche Colors Viola Metallic
Porsche 918 Hybrid in Viola Metallic

Every new Porsche debuts in a special launch color unique to the car’s personality. Porsche is very definitive when making the choices for the launch color or for special models, such as the one-millionth 911 produced was in Irish Green, a Porsche family favorite color.

Porsche Launch Colors
Porsche Colors Unique for Launch Vehicles

Porsche uses a six-step process to paint their cars. Here is the Porsche painting process:

Porsche Colors Paint Process for Porsches
Six-Step Porsche Paint Process

I am not usually a green fan, but this green 911 Carrera was a particular favorite in the exhibit. Surprisingly there was not a descriptive placard, so I don’t know what the actual color was or the specifics on the model.

Porsche Colors Green Porsche 911
Green PorschePorsche Heritage Gallery Highlighting a Unique Shade of Green Porsche 911

The Porsche Colors exhibit continued outside in the parking lot as these two Porsches were spotted parked next to each other, one a Miami Blue Cayman and the other an orange 911 Cab (actual color of orange unknown.)

Porsche Colors for Porsche 911 and Porsche Cayman
Orange Porsche 911 and a Miami Blue Porsche Cayman

We’ll continue watch how colors impact the price of Porsches. We don’t see the trend of unique colors commanding premium prices as abating. Porsche Club of America launched a web site to capitalize on the interest in Porsche Colors that can be found at On the site you can find the 500 Porsche colors Porsche has produced with the models that the color appeared on and the rarity. It is recommended that you visit the site. Future improvements in the site will be to add interior colors. Rennbow is becoming the go-to site for information on Porsche Colors.

Porsche Colors Web Site
PCA Porsche Colors Web Site: Rennbow

Porsche Colors PtS
Some of the Unique Porsche Colors

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