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A Hot Rod Porsche 964 C2 that is Driven

Member Monday: Air Brigade member Bjorn has owned this beautiful Marine Blue 1990 Porsche 964 C2 since 2015. To Bjorn’s credit, it is driven almost daily six and one months of the year.

Porsche 964 911
1990 Marine Blue Porsche 964 C2

Driving to work or the store, Bjorn can get there quick as this Porsche 964 C2 has a 100 cell cat and cup pipe with a Steve Wong Chip for the engine. A 100-cell catalytic converter should flow more exhaust gas and be less restrictive. The added performance is then dependent upon the exhaust system but with the cup pipe. Specs for a cup pipe show a 15 hp increase at the crank with a 20% increase in sound (decibels) with a lower deeper tone.

To handle this increased horsepower and performance, this 964 C2 has been upgraded with H&R Adjustable coilovers with a Rennsport strut brace. Bjorn’s Porsche 964 has been lowered to RS specs +5mm with the alignment tuned for street/track use.

The wheels have been upgraded to a backdated Fuchs look with 7” X 17” new Fuchs in the front and 9” X 17” new Fuchs in the rear.

Porsche 964 leather interior