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Are Porsche Marketing Models Worth the Premium Pricing?

There is currently a 1993 Porsche 911 (964) Carrera 4 30th Anniversary Jubilee Edition on Bring-a-Trailer that is hitting a big number for a Porsche 964 Coupe. The auction price is currently at $123,456 with two days to go. The seller’s target is $150,000 plus which is bigggg money for a Porsche 964 C4 Coupe.

According to the Sports Car Market Price Guide the median price for a 1993 Porsche 964 C4 Coupe is $89,500. Buying this European Marketing Model Porsche 911 demands the new owner pay at least a $50,000 premium over a high quality 964 offering.

Porsche 964 Special Model for Sale
Porssche 911 30th Anniversary Model in Viola Metallic | Bring-a-Trailer

I come from the car industry and Marketing Models, such as this 30th Anniversary Jubilee Edition were usually produced to stimulate demand on a model near the end of its life cycle or in this case to celebrate a milestone with a special model that could command premium pricing. It is still working 27 years later as this model is still command premium pricing.

What does the new owner get for this extra $50,000 plus?

In this case one is buying a Porsche 911 model (Porsche Internal Code M096) that wasn’t offered in the United States in a stunning color combination of Viola Metallic (L3AE) over Rubicon Grey full leather in excellent condition as the current Canadian owner did a high quality re-spray in the original color to own a “perfect” model of this unique Porsche for a North American collection. The highlight of this special model appears to the Turbo-look flared fenders, exclusive interior design appointments, Cup 1 wheels and special badging. This is car number 365 of the 894 produced (834 LHD and 60 RHD).

Porsche 964 for Sale
Porsche 964 Interior in Rubicon Grey | Bring-a-Trailer

In addition to this model being an Anniversary Edition, the owner has the distinction of having a European-only model in their North American collection. This provides certain bragging rights within the stratosphere of Porsche collectors. Adding to the desirability is that the car has a stunning color combination of the Viola Metallic exterior over a Rubicon Grey full leather interior. And, the condition of this special model is top quality based on a recent re-spray by a top paint shop.

So, is there value in a Marketing Model Porsche 911?

According to the market and the prices commanded, the answer is yes. The owner gains a Porsche 911 that has a limited number available with usually a option combination that is only available in this special model. In this case one gains the wide turbo look body fender flares with special full leather appointments in the interior. The wide-body turbo look has always been desirable among Porsche collectors so this alone makes the marketing model Anniversary Edition of the Porsche 964 worth it to gain this unique look.

We’ll watch to see what final sale price is finally achieved. It seems sure to reach the $150,000 goal the seller suggests in the commentary. If this is the case, it will surely be one of the most expensive non-turbo 964’s sold on the open market.

Bring-a-Trailer Listing for the 1993 Porsche 911 (964) 3oth Anniversary Jubilee Edition

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