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Magnus Walker on the Porsche 914

Mid-Week Mid-Engine: Magnus Walker gives his outlaw treatment to a Porsche 914 using rattle cans to paint a wild livery.

Magnus Walker, the Urban Outlaw, has been lighting up the Porsche 914 boards with his latest project, a DIY paint livery that will gain attention at any meet-up.

The Urban Outlaw tells his story on a YouTube video of a purchase of a real driver Porsche 914 but it had a cool arrow on the door that he used for inspiration to create a unique 914 livery.

I seem to remember seeing on Instagram or Facebook that the original owner, Felix Holst who put the arrow on the door tried selling this 914 for months and he couldn’t sell it. Then his friend Magnus Walker decided to buy Felix’s 1973 914 for less than $5,000 because he loved the arrow on the door. I can guarantee you that this 914 is worth a whole lot more than $5,000 now.

To design and paint the livery, Magnus worked with the former owner and his buddy, Felix Holst, Founder and Chief Product Officer of Hackrod, Inc and former VP of Creative for Matchbox.

They worked for a week creating initial sketches and then applying the creative inspiration with rattle can paints. They first extended the arrow theme to the hood that then transitions to roof with a checkerboard and finishes with a Union Jack design on the rear with a bumble stripe. A meatball was added to the rear with a 73 since everyone is always asking what year it is. A 14 was also added to the right-rear quarter panel.

Walker describes the livery as Budget Punk Rock.

In another YouTube video on Magnus Walker and his love of the Porsche 914, Ian Karr was able to film a short interview with Magnus when Magnus came across the Porsche 914 West Coast Ramble of 40 914s while driving one of the favorite Urban Outlaw California driving roads to Newcombe Ranch.

Watch Ian’s interview for details but here are just some of the comments Magnus Walker, the Urban Outlaw made about the Porsche 914.

  • “It’s super nimble with a real cult following.”

  • “The 914 is the underdog within Porsche but has the real Porsche mentality – the engine doesn’t need to be in the back.”

  • “Driving a 914 is the Outlaw statement among Porsche guys.”

Magnus Walker, Urban Outlaw loves to drive the Porsche 914 and recognizes that Porsche 914 guys love to drive ultimately and the 914 delivers.

Ian Karr YouTube video at Newcombe Ranch with Magnus Walker

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