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Five Christmas Gifts for the Classic Porsche Owner

Cyber Monday shopping is easy for a Classic Porsche owner if you turn to the Classic Porsche expert Air Brigade for guidance. Air Brigade has curated the list, but Amazon handles the ordering, processing and shipping. If you are a Amazon Prime member or regular Amazon shopper Christmas shopping for Porsche loved one couldn’t be easier.

Here are five ideas. More ideas can be found at the Air Brigade store.

  1. Air Brigade Grille Badge: Show your membership in the Air-Cooled Porsche fraternity with an Air Brigade grille badge.This is a black and chrome enamel badge with two bolts and a retaining bar for installation on the grille of your Classic Porsche. Regular price of $35 with free shipping during the holidays.

2. Key Fob: Every Porsche needs to have its kids contained with a classic leather key fob with an enamel Porsche crest. Colors available are black, red, blue, white and grey. This is a genuine Porsche key fob for only $29.95 with free shipping if you are an Amazon Prime member.

3. Porsche Cleaning Kit: Six piece starter cleaning kit from world famous Griot’s Garage. Kit includes Speed Shine for touch-ups at the show, paint cleaning clay for a deep clean, a car wash fluid, Best in Show was, rubber dressing and wheel cleaner. Available on Amazon for $64.99

4. Porsche Book: 111 Porsche stories every Porsche owner should know about the car. Immerse yourself in back-stories and little known facts about Porsche. This unique Porsche hard cover book is only $29.99

5. Porsche Patent Posters: A set of four 8” X 10” unframed Patent Poster Prints reinterpreted to capture the spirit of innovation and engineering of classic Porsches. Porsche patent prints capture the history of Porsche with an individual print for the Porsche 356, 911, 904 and Carrera Speedster. The Porsche Patent Print set is available for $16.99 through Amazon Prime.

What better way to make a Porsche owner happy on Christmas day than to have them open a Porsche present? Turn to Air Brigade for ideas that are sure to please.

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