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Collecting Porsche 356s with Peter Boettcher

The newest Collector Car Podcast features Greg Stanley interviewing Porsche Collector and Drei Staaten Gruppe Porsche 356 Club Vice President Peter Boettcher. Peter has a collection of Porsche 912’s, early 911’s but most notably he focuses on 356’s.

Peter was first exposed to the Porsche brand through his father’s purchase of a Porsche 356 in Germany that he brought back to the US from a business trip. Peter grew up riding in the backseat of that Porsche .

As many of us did, Peter then purchased his own Porsche 356 once his disposable income as a working adult allowed. Porsche ownership can often be addicting as this then led to purchases of a Speedster, a barn find 912 and multiple early 911’s.

Peter still owns the Speedster, 912, several 356’s and multiple projects in waiting. Peter was challenged by interviewer Greg during the interview to play The Collector Car Podcast signature game of Keep, Cash or Crush. Peter was challenged but made an emotional, but rational decision on his choice of cars for this challenge. The Crush selection is always the difficult one for the interviewee because Greg ultimately makes it a Porsche that you would never want to see go to the crusher. Listen to The Collector Car Podcast to learn about Peter's choices.

Air Brigade was first introduced to the Drei Staaten Gruppe by Air Brigade 356 owner/members Allen and Beverly. The Drei Staaten Gruppe 356 Club held their annual Ultimate 356 Drive last year just down the road from the Air Brigade headquarters in Lake Lure, North Carolina. Air Brigade spent some time at the event base meeting owners and photographing all the great Porsche 356’s that journeyed from across the country to drive the fabulous roads of Western North Carolina. To view a report and photos of the 2019 Ultimate 356 Drive see the story at the Air Brigade News tab.

For 2020 the Ultimate 356 Drive will be driving the roads of New Hampshire and Vermont from May 12 -16, 2020. The event is limited to 20 Porsche 356 and 356 Outlaws.

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