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Buying an Air-Cooled Porsche at a Porsche Dealer

Air Brigade regularly scans the Porsche dealer pre-owned sites in the area to see what is for sale. Only a select few dealers seem to sell air-cooled Porsches, but once in a while one pops up.

Buying a Classic Porsche
12 Porsche Classic Partner Dealers are Available Nationwide | Photo Courtesy Porsche Classic

That was the case with spotting this 1995 Midnight Blue Porsche 993 Coupe with a six-speed manual transmission that Porsche Hickory (North Carolina) is selling for a list price of $79,950. The Sports Car Market price guide states the median price for such a model as $70,500. Once you negotiate the price down you are probably just over the median price.

It is rare for a “normal” Porsche dealer to sell an Air-Cooled Porsche unless they are a Porsche Classic Partner dealer who has been qualified by Porsche to service and sell Porsche Classics. There are currently 12 Porsche Classic Partner Dealers nationwide.

Porsche defines a classic different than an Air Brigade member might as a classic in Porsche’s world is any model that has been out of production for ten years or more. Based on this definition, Classic Porsches include water-cooled models such as the 996 911, the 986 Boxsters, 924, 944, 928 and the specialty models of the 959 and 980. In another year (2022) the 997 911 will fall into the Classic Porsche definition.

The benefits of buying an Air-Cooled Porsche at a Porsche dealer are similar to buying any pre-owned car at a dealer. There is a certain level of security and comfort knowing that an “Official” Porsche dealer is selling the car. They are only going to sell a pre-owned Porsche after a complete inspection and repairing any known problems. You will probably pay a lit