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Are Air-Cooled Porsche Prices Declining?

Following up on the recent article by Air Brigade titled Are Air-Cooled Porsche Prices Softening? Greg Stanley of The Collector Car Podcast takes a deep-dive looking at air-cooled Porsche prices over a three-year period versus what happened in the past year to prices of Porsche 356s and the various models of Porsche 911s.

Greg found it interesting that Air Brigade chose to use the word softening to ask about Air-Cooled Porsche prices versus declining, but his analysis and conclusion comes to agreement that softening may be the right word to describe Classic Porsche pricing in the past year.

If you look at Classic Porsche prices over a three-year period the numbers are staggering and worthy of some of the best investments available. Greg uses the Haggerty and Sports Car Market databases to look at prices while Air Brigade was using observations of watching the market, particularly auction pricing over the past few years.

When you see Porsche bell weather Collector Cars like the Porsche RS 2.7 and Porsche 930 Turbo failing to meet reserve or declining in value from their previous soring values then you know the market is re-considering the soaring prices year over year that Porsche air-cooled models had been achieving. This led to the conclusion that prices were not necessarily in a decline but that values had softened. The high quality unique collector cars are still achieving strong prices while the run-of-the-mill air-cooled Porsches are now struggling and often require