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Air-Cooled Porsches Race to Street

Two former Air-Cooled Porsche Race Cars are now for sale for street and track. Bring-a-Trailer (BAT) is featuring a 1970 914-6 with a 3.2-liter that has racing and hill climb history. PCarMarket has a former 911 race car that is now street legal. Both cars will provide an extreme visceral street driving experience as they retain many of the race modifications.

Porsche Race Cars for the Street for Sale
1970 Porsche 914-6 on BAT, 1969 Porsche 911T on PCarMarket

Pricing of former racecars are always an unknown at market. It takes a very select buyer who is wants the visceral experience of former racecar on the street. The engine tune is often touchy, the suspension is harsh and there are few creature comforts. It is hard to match the driving experience for pure exhilaration.

A major driving factor of former racecars is what is their history. Both of these cars have pretty good race history. The 914 appeared at the Monterey Historics in 2009 and at three Rennsport Reunions. The 911T has a long history of racing in PCA, HSR and SVRA events.

Both cars appear to be well sorted and are true hot rods ready to blast the roads and carve the curves.

The 1970 Porsche 914-6 is currently bid to $13,500 with six days left in the auction. Air Brigade is forecasting this car’s final sale price to be $60-$70,000. A numbers matching stock 914-6 can price in the $100,000 range so there is a discount on the race prep and non-original engine.

The 1969 Porsche 911T is currently bid to $45,000 with one day plus left in the auction. A previous listing on BAT had this car be a no-sale at $50,000. I suspect the reserve is at least $60,000 with the owner probably targeting $70,000 plus. The median price according to Sports Car Market for a stock ’69 911T is $79,000 so a price below this is expected since it does not have the collector value of a stock car, though it is numbers matching.

1970 Porsche 914-6 3.2-liter

Bid to $13,500 on Bring-a-Trailer with six days left in Auction

Porsche 914-6 for sale
1970 Porsche 914-6 with 3.2-liter | Former Racecar
  • Modified in early 1970’s for racing and hill climb events

  • Participated in 2009 Monterey Historics and Rennsport Reunions in 2011, 2015 and 2018

  • M471GT-Style bodywork including steel fender flares

  • Plexiglass windows, fiberglass hood

  • Chassis and suspension reinforcements

  • Bolt-in roll bar

  • 3.2 –liter flat six mated to a 915 transmission

  • Street legal

1969 Porsche 911T Karmann Coupe

Bid to $45,000 on PCarMarket with one day and hours left in Auction

  • Transformed into a race car during the 1990’s

  • Participated in PCA, HSR an SVRA events up until 2011

  • 901 Shop refurbished the car in 2012 and was recently refreshed by Carrera 6 Racing

  • Street-legal and is highly competitive as an air-cooled Porsche racer

  • Silver metallic (original color is champagne yellow)

  • Cabin is striped and optimized for racing

  • Matching numbers car

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