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Why is a Porsche 964 America Roadster Sitting in a Furniture Factory?

What’s a Porsche 964 America Roadster doing in a Furniture Factory?

Porsche 964 America Roadster
1992 Porsche Amrica Roadster

It is a setting that is appropriate for the owner, Ulf Möller, a designer who created the iconic Lum light in 2010. Based on the success of his lamp, he rewarded himself with a Porsche 964 America Roadster purchase and he now keeps the Porsche in his furniture factory where the Lum is made. He illuminates the white Porsche America Roadster with its black top and turbo look.

As Möller notes the LED light is time-stable, as is the case with the 964 America Roadster. Möller discovered the special America Roadster in California in 2011 and shipped it to his home back in Europe. Very few of the 964 America Roadster was made in the early ‘90’s. It was produced in homage to the first America Roadster, the Porsche 356 soft-top two-seaters that were specially produced for the US market in 1952 and 1953.

This Porsche America Roadster was found by chance with 75,000 miles on it, but it was in terrific condition. As Möller stated: “I was especially impressed by the wide body. And then it had this cool Roadster lettering on the back – an enchanting car.” And the car had music in its veins. The previous owner had installed a Braun sound system with eight speakers, a subwoofer behind the seats and a power amplifier under the front hood. “The sound is amazing.”

Driving Porsche 964 America Roadster
Driving the Porsche America Roadster in the European Countryside

As with many of us, Möller had fallen in love with Porsche at an early age when as an Architecture Intern his boss had him go fill his Porsche with gas one day. Möller found the sensation of driving the Porsche “marvelous” and was hooked on wanting a Porsche since then. It was two decades before he drove a Porsche again and it was his Porsche.

Möller’s garage also house a yellow Boxster Spyder (981) and a red Boxster Spyder (987) along with his daily driver, a black Porsche Macan.

Porsche 964 America Roadster

The Porsche America Roadster is one of the rarest of Porsche models with only 250 America Roadsters produced. The America Roadster is based on the Porsche 964 cab in homage to the 40th anniversary of the Porsche 356 Roadster from 1952. These limited edition special models were only produced in 1992 and 1993.

The Porsche 964 America Roadster features the Turbo-style fender flares with upgrades to the suspension and brakes, but does not include the Turbo tail.

The most popular colors for the Porsche America Roadster are the traditional Porsche colors of black, guards red and white. One Air Brigade member has an America Roadster in the unique color of Raspberry Red Metallic for which there were only nine models produced. This unique Roadster is affectionately known as “Not Pink.”

Porsche 964 America Roadster
Porsche America Roadster in Raspberry Red Metallic

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