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Virtual Cars & Coffee Porsche Events

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Saturday Mornings usually start with firing up my air-cooled Porsche 911 and targeting a Cars & Coffee to attend. These gatherings have been one of the causalities of self-isolation. We all have been locked away long enough without our Porsche gatherings.

Porsche Cars & Coffee
Virtual Cars & Coffee Porsche Events

The Virtual World is providing options today to capture the spirit, camaraderie and socializing without compromising social distancing rules. Air Brigade will be attending two Virtual Cars & Coffee events that you may want to consider.

Virtual Cars and Coffee for Porsche
Virtual Car Show

Worldwide Virtual Cars & Coffee

Saturday, April 18 @ 10:00 a.m.

If you don’t know Holt Motorsports and you are in the market for an air-cooled Porsche, then you should know them. They deal in high quality models for sale. I keep watching their site; for the RS America that I am on the search for. My problem is that they deal with much higher quality cars than the driver that I am pursuing. Holt has a terrific online Instagram presence where they have been promoting their planned Virtual Car Show scheduled for today. I am not sure if any of us know what to expect, but let’s try it and see.

Here is how you access the Virtual Car Show using the Zoom app.

  • Download the zoom app on your iphone, ipad or computer

  • Create an account with your email or social media account

  • On the Zoom homepage select Join

  • Insert meeting ID: 898 6198 6661

Fresh Brewed & Air Cooled

Road Scholars Porsche Classic
Instagram Live: @Ray.Shaffer, @Porsche_Malone

Saturday, April 18 @ 11:00 a.m. EST

This Instagram Live event features Cam Ingram of Road Scholars and Ray Shaffer of Porsche Classic enjoying coffee together where all of us are invited to join them via Instagram Live in an event where it feels like you are sitting in the coffee shop with Cam and Ray. If you are into Porsche this is a great event to log into for stories, thoughts and hearing about Porsche experiences. To access this event you will need an Instagram account and then follow Cam @Porsche_Malone and or Ray @Ray.Shaffer Here is how you attend Fresh Brewed & Air Cooled

  • Join Instagram or open your account

  • At 11:00 a.m. EST you will see on the top stories bar images for @Porsche_Malone and @Ray.Shaffer with a Live circle around their images

  • Just click on the image of choice between the two and you’re having coffee with them

Magnus Walker and Air-Cooled Porsches Instagram Live

Magnus Walker on Instagram
Magnus Walker Instagram: @MagnusWalker

If you are into air-cooled Porsches you probably know Magnus Walker and his famous #277 Porsche 911 in addition to his $7 million Porsche collection that was recently featured on Business Insider. Magnus has a big Instagram presence @magnuswalker that you should follow. He regularly conducts Instagram Live events that are fun to log onto to his perspective on Porsche matters. There is nothing scheduled today (at the moment) but he has much more spontaneity in his broadcasts so you just need to go on Instagram on a regular basis and see if he is promoting an upcoming event.

Enjoy the weekend. Stay safe and stay positive.

Instagram Handles for Fresh Brewed & Air Cooled

Ray Shaffer @Ray.Shaffer

Cam Ingram @Porsche_Malone

Organizers, Sponsors and Participants of the Virtual Cars & Coffee IG @AshCrestCollection

Instagram Handle for Magnus Walker


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