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$100,000: Do you Buy a Stock Porsche 914-6 or a Hot Rod 914 3.6?

A Voodoo Blue Hot Rod Porsche 914 3.6 GT Tribute has garnered a lot of attention on the Porsche 914 forums with its muscular stance, great looking build and a rip-roaring video. This 914 is currently bid up to $70,000 on Bring a Trailer with six days to go so it is easily bring $100,000 plus.

One of the BAT comments from bureau13 was: “I went from “Why would anyone pay $100K to convert a 914 to a GT tribute car” to “Holy s*** take my money” in, oh, about the duration of that driving video. Good God man…that is awesome.”

This comment got me thinking that if I had $100,000 to spend would I spend it on a stock Porsche 914-6 or a mad-driving hot rod Porsche 914 with a Porsche 3.6 liter engine?

Porsche 914-6 for sale
Porsche 914-6 Stock vs Hot Rod 914-6

Let’s look at the two options.

Porsche 914 3.6 liter GT Tribute Hot Rod

This 1972 914 Hot Rod is finished in stunning Voodoo Blue with black and blue tartan interior. The engine is a 1996 Porsche 993 3.6 liter engine mated to a 915 transmission with a limited slip differential.

This hot rod 914 had a bare metal repaint with upgraded suspension and brakes. The 1990’s metalwork includes steel GT-style flares along with reinforcing the chassis and trailing arm mounts.

There are really too many upgrades and enhancements to mention in this article so if you want complete details on the car go to the BAT listing.

Porsche 914-6 in Stock Appearance

Unfortunately there is not a real clean stock Porsche 914-6 on the market so for illustrative purposes let’s look at a 1970 Porsche 914-6 in metallic green that sold at the RM Sotheby’s Porsche 70th Anniversary Auction at the Atlanta Experience Center. This Porsche sold for $95,200 and featured a full repaint and mechanical overhaul that included replacement of the rare heat exchangers with new original parts. Since this Porsche 914-6 was being sold at the RM Sotheby’s Porsche auction you know this was a collector quality Porsche 914-6. Full details on the car are available at the listing page.

The $100,000 Question: Which do you buy?

The purchase question comes down to do you want a collectible or do you want an exciting drive that will turn heads at the local show?

The stock 914-6 is collector grade and will represent the 914-6 well in any Porsche collection. If there is upside in 914-6’s this one will be able to deliver with the unique color, quality restoration and strong pedigree having been sold at the Porsche 70th Anniversary Auction by RM Sotheby’s.

On the other hand, the Porsche Hot Rod 914-6 will deliver more smiles per mile than any other 914-6 if you like to drive your cars. It is a stunning looking car that will attract attention and be a centerpiece at any show, especially Porsche meets exclusive of the top concours that require originality.

For myself, I would spend my $100,000 on the Hot Rod Porsche 914-6. I see the 914 as a driver’s car with its mid-engine and low weight so if you own one; you need to drive it to experience its best qualities. Granted this 914 has a terrific look, but a modified, non-stock 914-6 will not generally feature in a collection that isn’t driven. The big six, suspension upgrades and big brakes are begging this 914 to be driven and I would oblige and enjoy every minute of it.

A garage queen is not my choice, I like to drive, so I would put my $100,000 on the road with a Voodoo Blue Hot Rod 914-6. It will be interesting to watch the auction of this Porsche as I am sure it will shoot well past the $100,000 reflecting the 911 pattern of the reimagined restomods commanding big prices in the market.

Bring a Trailer listing 1972 Porsche 914 3.6 liter GT Tribute:

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