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Six Air-Cooled Porsches for Under $20,000

Yes, it is still possible to get a classic air-cooled Porsche for under $20,000. Air Brigade takes a look at four 911’s and two 914’s to see what you buy for that price.

The survey for this article used ebay as the resource to see what is on the market in this price. Cars identified included basket cases to worn drivers to nice drivers if you opt for a Porsche 914 instead of a classic Porsche 911.

Let’s start at the low end and see what you buy as you climb up the price ladder to the $20,000 mark.

1973 Porsche 914 1.7 liter - $8,800

The pictures don’t look too bad, but seeing as it has a minuscule description noting that it needs cosmetic work raises a few red flags. Porsche 914’s are notorious rust magnets. Have a recognized Porsche 914 mechanic look at this one.

Seller ebay description and link:

Runs well, needs cosmetic repair.

1976 Porsche 911 Targa Project - $13,000

This is a true project that requires you to source an engine and transmission as this is a roller, but the seller claims it is rust-free.

Seller ebay description and link:

I bought this 1976 Porsche Targa S2 body with a clear title as a project to restore and decided to head elsewhere. This car doesn't include the motor or transmission. However, this roller e-brakes works and steer perfectly. There are some indication of rust and no accident history. This auction is for what's in the photos. OEM fuch rims :16x6(front) and 16x7 (rear).

1971 Porsche 911 with Blue Tweed Seat Inserts - $14,500

This one includes the engine and transmission but the engine requires a complete rebuild according to the seller. This one does require rust repair and various other body repairs.

Seller ebay description and link:

1975 Porsche 914 2.0 - $16,500

A near $20,000 Porsche 914 gets you a very nice model of the 914 for some open-top driving akin to being in a go-kart with its low center of gravity and mid-engine configuration.

Seller ebay description and link:

Finished in a bright yellow with black interior and optioned with a 2.0 Liter flat 4, this 914 is a recipe for fun. Whether on the track or cruising around town, this car is sure to deliver a high 'smiles per miles' ratio.

The car was repainted approximately 20 years ago in a yellow hue that is very close to the original color of Summer Yellow (13K). The car also has a simple, black trunk lid spoiler that gives a bit of a sportier look than a standard 914. The targa top which fits just perfectly into the rear trunk area is in great condition and is easy to install or remove.

The simple, purposeful interior is very tidy finished in black. All upholstery is in great condition including door panels, seats, carpeting, and the trim surrounding the seats.

Under the small engine cover is a 2.0 Liter 4 cylinder engine mated to a 5-Speed Manual transmission. In addition to having the larger 2 Liter engine, this car has European Mahle pistons which increases the compression ratio slightly, and increases the horsepower by about 5.

This car is a great bang for the buck! Targa top for open air driving, excellent handling, and an efficient engine mated to a 5 speed manual is a recipe for fun!

1975 Porsche 911 Coupe - $18,750

As we near the $20,000 price we start to close in on cars that can be classified as rough drivers if you put some work into them.

Seller ebay description and link:

This 1975 Porsche 911 Coupe is available in red with a black interior. This was originally a color code #249 emerald green metallic example. It comes equipped with a 2.7-liter engine, solid wheels and includes the spare tire. It is missing the rear decklid. This is an excellent car for some light restoration.

1981 Porsche 911SC - $19,500

This sounds like a rough driver that needs work all around. If you are handy with a wrench this one will let you get into a Classic Porsche 911.

Seller description and link:

Original engine and transmission, still runs and drives! 161k Miles. Has been sitting for about 4 years, jumped the battery and it started right up, could probably use a tune up after sitting for 4 years.

This car would be a great project for someone that has the time and money. Unfortunately I no longer have the time or money to get it back into perfect shape. It does have some rust on the exterior (see pictures). The floorboards seem to have no rust, as well as the battery area and undercarriage. This car is far from perfect, but has lots of potential and still gets plenty of compliments like you wouldn’t believe! The original color to this car is black, previous owner painted it yellow years ago.

Interior is in decent shape, original front seats still in good condition. The driver door panel is half on, I do have the remaining pieces such as the armrest for the door panel and the bottom piece (see picture) but unfortunately not able to find the inside door handle or door lock piece. Sunroof still works good. The passenger door is not opening, not sure why.

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