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Shifting the Porsche 915 Transmission

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Porsche 915 Transmission vs Porsche G50 Transmission
YouTube Channel Bavarian Enthusiast TV

Is the G-50 Porsche Transmission really that much better than the Porsche 915 Transmission?

Will Brooks on the YouTube channel, Bavarian Enthusiast TV just added a 1986 Porsche Carrera to his garage and takes a look at the driving experience of a Classic Porsche with the 915 Transmission. Will also owns a Porsche 993 with the G50 Transmission so he is able to provide an interesting perspective on driving a Porsche with the 915 Transmission versus the G50 Transmission.

Driving Porsche 915 transmission
Will Brooks of YouTube Channel Bavarian Enthusiast TV

You can learn about Will’s perspective on shifting the Porsche 915 Transmission on Bavarian Enthusiast TV on YouTube.

Some of Will’s observations:

  • The 915 Transmission is much easier to shift at higher revs above 3000 rpm

  • The transmission is “snappier” when engaging which is attributed to the factory short shift kit

  • The 2nd to 3rd transition is a little rough but 3rd to 4th is very smooth and easy

  • The Porsche G50 Transmission is a smoother shifting transmission but doesn’t give you that early Porsche 911 driving experience.

  • The Porsche 915 Transmission in early 911’s offers a much more raw and real driving experience than the later G50 transmission.

Porsche 915 Tansmission vs Porsche G50 transmission
Shifting the Porsche 915 Transmission | Image and YouTube Channel Bavarian Enthusiast TV

Air Brigade Commander Jim also has a 1986 Porsche Carrera with the 915 Transmission with a factory Short Shift Kit. Observations in driving the 915 Transmission are similar but different.

  • Shifting a Porsche 915 Transmission even with the short shift kit requires a “feel” and experience to finding the gears.

  • The toughest transition is first to second. Other Air Brigade members report this tough transition but it becomes easier as Will notes when the revs are higher.

  • The transmission definitely gives a Classic Porsche driving experience. I don’t have a Porsche G50 car but compared to my Porsche 997 the experience is night and day. That is why having both Porsches in the garage is so enjoyable. Don’t even get me started on the observations on how these transmissions compare to shifting my Porsche 914.

View the entire episode on driving the Porsche 915 transmission on the YouTube channel Bavarian Enthusiast TV.

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