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Six Reasons Why it is a Quarter Million Dollar Porsche 911S

It is not every day that a 1967 Porsche 911S sells for a quarter million dollars. This beautiful Short Wheel Base (SWB) is currently listed on Bring-a-Trailer (BAT) with one day to go in the auction at a price of $220,991. It is sure to sell for over $250,000 based on what happens in the final hours of a BAT auction.

According to the Sports Car Market Price Guide the median price for this model is $195,000 so why is this one potentially selling for over 28% more than the median?

Let’s start by saying that, as you would expect for this price, this Porsche 911S checks all the boxes. Here are the six reasons why this Porsche 911S will sell in excess of $250,000.

  1. Early 911S model

  2. Great Color combo of Slate Grey over red leatherette

  3. Long-term ownership: 40-years

  4. Numbers-matching

  5. Quality Refurbishment in the ‘90’s

  6. Just a great looking early 911S

As BAT Commentator mbaum states: “The iconic 67S. What a fantastic car in one of the all-time best color combinations that were put on any 911. On top of that, a loving owner and a car that retains all the critical components.”

Porsche 911S for sale
The beautiful red leatherette interior with corduroy inserts | Bring-a-Trailer

Beyond the obvious cosmetic appearance, there are also extras that make this 911S a real hot ride: Weber carburetors, headers paired with megaphone exhaust, Koni shocks, Fuchs 7R wheels, a roll bar and a100L fuel tank.

Porsche 911S for sale
Megaphone exhaust | Bring-a-Trailer

The unique item about this car and its projected sale price is that generally the big-ticket prices on an early 911S are driven by an all-original concours restoration while this car is a hot rod 911S. This car checks the concours restoration box with its high quality refurbishment that delivered multiple concours wins over the years. Most of the car is correct and some of the commentors note that it wouldn’t take much to return the car to original.

That would be a shame. This car is perfect “as-is” in the mind of Air Brigade and deserves all the money.

1967 Porsche 911S on Bring-a-Trailer

Auction ends on Monday, June 7, 2021

Current price on auction: $220,991

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