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Strong Sales for Air-Cooled Porsches at Gooding Geared Online

Quality Air-Cooled Porsches continue to sell for high quality numbers as evidenced by the recently completed Gooding & Company Geared Online Auction.

Nine Classic Porsches went on the Auction Block and one-third of them sold for over $100,000 and if you add buyer’s commission, the sale recorded 45% selling over $100,000. Porsche 914-6’s represented half that $100k sale result while an ‘89 Carrera Speedster and a ’73 911E were the other big sellers.

Two of those Classic Porsches were among the big winners at the Geared Online Auction outperforming their pre-sale estimate. The high price estimated for the 1971 Porsche 914-6 was $90,000 and it sold for $97,900 while the 1973 Porsche 911E was estimated to sell at a high price of $130,000 and sold for $165,000.

The 914-6 was a survivor being largely original with low miles but had a few modifications including rectangular driving lights added in the bumper. The new owner probably will return the car to original spec, and then have a low mile, survivor in his collection.

Air Cooled Porsche Sales at Gooding Auction
1973 911E All Original Interior & 914-6 with Modified Driving Lights | Gooding & Company

The high selling 1973 Porsche 911E strong sale can also be attributed to its highly original condition and its special order paint of Leaf Green. Unique colors continue to be a hallmark for strong Porsche sales.

Porsche Carrera 3.2 for sale
1986 Porsche Carrera 3.2

Three sales below estimate that could be classified as bargains, crossed the auction block including a 1972 Porsche 911T, a 1986 Carrera 3.2 and a 1998 Porsche 993S Coupe. You might differ with me that a $84,700 993 was a deal but when the pre-sale estimate had it as a $100,000 Porsche then it was a good buy for the new buyer. Likewise the ’86 Carrera came in just below estimate at $46,200 versus the $50,000 pre-sale estimate and the highly modified no-reserve ’72 911T achieved a price of $40,700 versus a low estimate of $55,000. The catalog noted this was an outlaw donor or restoration candidate so the buyer is starting from a good base with the $40,000 purchase price.

Porsche 911T for Sale
'80's Period Gold Color 1972 Porsche 911T

The Gooding & Company Geared Online Auction closed on Friday, October 30, 2020 and as reported above produced Winners and Bargains depending upon what you are looking for. There were two no-sale Porsches, but overall the market continues strong for Air-Cooled Porsches.

Porsche 914 Sales Sale Price Pre-Sale Estimate

1971 Porsche 914-6 $97,900 $70-$90,000

1972 Porsche 914-6 M471 $159,500 $125-$175,000

1976 Porsche 2.0 No Sale $45-$65,000

Porsche 911 Sales Sale Price Pre-Sale Estimate

1972 Porsche 911T 2.4 $40,700 $55-70,000

1973 Porsche 911T 2.4 No sale $175-$225,000

1986 Porsche Carrera 3.2 $46,200 $50-$60,000

1989 Porsche 911 Speedster $148,500 $130-$160,000

1973 Porsche 911E 2.4 $165,000 $100-$130,000

1998 Porsche 993S $84,700 $100-$130,000

Gooding & Company Geared Online Auction Catalog of Air-Cooled Porsches:

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