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Price Impact of High Miles on a Porsche 964 for Sale

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

What is the price impact of high miles on a Porsche 964 for sale versus a more normal mileage Porsche 964? We are about to find out as two Porsche 964’s are on Bring-a-Trailer (BaT), one with 220,000 miles and one with 92,000 miles.

Porsche 964 for sale
High Mileage Porsche 964 for Sale | Image Bring-a-Trailer

There are some other differences that will impact price of course including the high mileage example being a C4 while the 90K example being a C2. Both offer unique colors with the 1990 high mileage offering being in a Linen Gray Metallic with a partial blue leather interior. The C2 90K example is Cobalt Blue with a Cobalt Blue full leather interior.

The high mileage C4 is also based in Canada while the C2 964 is based in the US. Buyers are always concerned about having to import a car into the US so there is often a slight ding on the price.

The high mileage C4 bidding ended at $49,250 while the C2 model with 92,000 sold for $62,000. The price run-up occurs in the final hour so I would expect the high mileage example to sell for a price in the high to low 60’s while the C2 model in the unique blue will probably top out in the $60’s. (Publisher Note: I was off on my estimate for the Linen Gray 222,000 mile 964 -$49,250 plus buying commission = final sale of $51,712. The miles and Canada location made a bigger hit than I thought it would. 964's have been hot, so I thought buyers would look past these items.)

Porsches are known for durability and high miles but I suspect the purchaser of the Linen Gray C4 will be looking at a rebuild in the not too distant future. The description doesn’t mention anything about a top end rebuild that is a common need with these models but with over 200,000 miles there are sure to be maintenance needs.

The comments from the BaT Community actually seem to favor the high mileage C4 example as being the cleaner cosmetic offering. The support photos in its garage environment generated comments that the owner’s garage alone justifies a strong paid for this C4 even with the high miles. As one commenter stated: “Subjectively, and maybe objectively, this is in nicer condition than the blue 964 C2 with 86,000 miles, but it’s bidding at 10k less (although I think C4s are less desirable for reasons of complexity, but still…)”

Despite these positive comments for the high mileage Porsche 964 C4 it is projected to sell for $10-$15,000 less than the 90K C2 model. The reasons for what is projected to be a price variance where the high mileage C4 price coming in less than the C2 are:

  • High miles

  • Color preference

  • Location of the car (Canada versus the US)

  • C4 (4WD) versus C2 (2WD)

Both vehicles are nice examples of Porsche 964’s that are now gaining popularity after being overlooked in previous years. We’ll come back post-Auction to see how they both performed.

Here are links to the auctions and some details on each offering.

1990 Porsche Carrera 4 Coupe - Sold for $49,250

High Miles impact on sale of Porsche 964
Porsche 964 Gains Sale Bonus for Clean Garage
  • Linen Gray Metallic with partial blue leather

  • 5-Speed

  • Glass-out Repaint in 2017

  • Offered in Canada with records

  • High miles: 215,000 miles (374,000 Kilometers)

BaT Community Comments:

the receipts and the photo captions show that this was meticulously cared for. Normally a 215,000 miles on a 911 would be seen as a bit of liability,”

“Subjectively, and maybe objectively, this is in nicer condition than the blue 964 C2 with 86,000 miles, but it’s bidding at 10k less (although I think C4s are less desirable for reasons of complexity, but still…)”

1992 Porsche 911 C2 - $62,000

Porsche 964 for Sale
Unique Color Cobalt Blue Porsche 964
  • Cobalt Blue Metallic with Cobalt Blue Leather

  • 5-speed

  • Miles= 92,000

  • Offered in US

BaT Community Comments:

A great looking C2 and another example of “if I had a two car garage…” Love the unique color combo too.”

“Ultimately it’s a late model 964, C2 Manual Coupe, rare color, clean cosmetics. Rare enough that many people will take the “risk” because it’s what they want and 10-15k in potential maintenance won’t dissuade.”

Porsche 964 for Sale
Two Porsche 964's for Sale on Bring-a-Trailer

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