All I Want for Christmas is a 3-Porsche Collection

For Christmas 2020, Air Brigade thought we would take a look at members’ Porsche Wish List. Air Brigade believes a three-car collection is ideal for the Porsche enthusiast so the question is what three Porsches would be in this three-Porsche collection? We set a limit of $300,000 maximum on the price of the purchases.

Porsche for Sale
Three Porsche Collection Christmas Wish

What we learned unsurprisingly is that there is a broad range of interest when it comes to collecting Porsches. For those over 60 years of age we often saw 356’s on the list while the younger members tended to focus on the driving aspects with desires of 911 hot rods and performance built 914’s.

One overriding desire in every collection was to have specific colors in their collection. This has always been a driving factor with air-cooled Porsches. The rare and unique colors can increase a price of a Porsche by 10%. In most cases the wish list included rare colors of blue, green and orange as opposed to the Porsche top selling colors of white, silver and black.

Let’s take a look at the Christmas wish lists and hope some Air Brigade members have their wishes granted on Christmas morning. (Note that photos are only representative of the "wish" Porsche as the exact color and model may not have been available photographically.)

Charlie's Wish List

Porsche 993 for sale
Champagne Yellow Porsche 356 & Speed Yellow Porsche 993

1. 1964 356SC in champagne Yellow – fun to drive and simple to work on (Charlie owned one previously)

2. 1972 911 Targa in Emerald Green (Viper) – One year only rear fender oil filler, and is the most refined of the long hoods

3. 1995 993 Carrera in Yellow or Aubergine – Comfort, technology and the last of the air-cooled 911’s.

Mark's Wish List

Porsche for Sale
Porsche 914-6 GT & Porsche 928 GTS | RM Sotheby's Photos

1. Newest Porsche Available – the newest one offers the greatest technology

2. Early ‘70s long hood 911 – Raw old school power with the great feel at the limits of traction.

3. 914-6 GT – “Do I need to say why?” (Editor’s Note: this model sells for $297,000 so it maxes out the $300,000 limit)

4. 928 GTS - Honorable Mention in the Three that makes the list because it is a great GT cruiser with lots of power. At the time it was the flagship of Porsche and their future.

Keith's Wish List

Porsche for sale
Porsche 914-6 & 1978 Porsche 911 SC 3.0 | RM Sotheby's Photos

1. Early 911 Hot Rod with a 2.5 liter engine and Webers – Love that early feel

2. 914-6 – Fully sorted with a slightly hotter motor. “Had a great long weekend with friends in New Hampshire with one and have never forgotten the experience.”

3. 911SC Coupe – Prefer a 1978. Keith thinks that the 3.0 liter is one of the best motors Porsche made.


1. 1970 911T – Chalk color and completely stock except for the motor; a 3.7 for a sleeper look.

2. 1973 914 2.0 – Blood Orange; last year of the chrome bumpers

3. GT4 Cayman in Blue – Still small, raw and nimble. “I think the current 911’s grew too large since the 997.

David's Wish List