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Porsche 911SC Palisander Rosewood Metallic Color

Member-Monday – Air Brigade member Bev owns a1982 Porsche 911SC in the semi-rare color of Palisander, or as it is often referred to Rosewood Metallic. Palinsander is the name for dark ornamental wood derived from Brazilian rosewood. Palisander was offered on the 1981-1982 911 and 928 models as paint code 474. In German the paint color is referred to as palisandermetallic while in the US it is more often called Rosewood Metallic.

The PCA Rennbow color web site rates the color as a three paint-can color on their scale of one to five. Personally, I have not seen this color on any other Porsche. Rennbow describes Palisander Rosewood Metallic as one of the prettie