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Porsche 911SC Palisander Rosewood Metallic Color

Member-Monday – Air Brigade member Bev owns a1982 Porsche 911SC in the semi-rare color of Palisander, or as it is often referred to Rosewood Metallic. Palinsander is the name for dark ornamental wood derived from Brazilian rosewood. Palisander was offered on the 1981-1982 911 and 928 models as paint code 474. In German the paint color is referred to as palisandermetallic while in the US it is more often called Rosewood Metallic.

The PCA Rennbow color web site rates the color as a three paint-can color on their scale of one to five. Personally, I have not seen this color on any other Porsche. Rennbow describes Palisander Rosewood Metallic as one of the prettiest browns Porsche has offered. The color changes depending upon the light; in low light it appears grayish-purple while in direct sunlight it appears bronze. On cloudy days it would be described as a root beer color. Bev’s Porsche 911 SC features a beautiful contrasting cream interior that helps to set this Rosewood Metallic 911 SC apart.

In true Air Brigade ownership this Porsche 911SC is driven. Bev is a Charter member of Air Brigade since participating in its inception but her 911SC has only just been sighted as she and Allen drove it cross-country to participate in the Texas Hill Country Rallye. You will usually find Bev and Allen in their Porsche 356A Cab but they decided to change it up for this years drive to Texas.

I now refer to Bev’s SC as the “Camper” Porsche 911 because Allen fashioned the roof rack seen in the photo to haul their camping gear as they traveled the 1500 miles from Florida to Kerrville, Texas camping along the way. The Texas Hill Country Rallye rewards them with another three days of driving the hill country around Kerrville, but more importantly the camaraderie and socializing with other Porsche torsion bar air-cooled owners and drivers that attend the Texas Hill Country Rallye. Here is a link to view a photo gallery of Texas Hill Country Rallye Porsches. For more information on the event use this link.

If you would like to have your Porsche featured on the Air Brigade Brag Board™ that then qualifies you for a Member Monday feature, join Air Brigade and set up your online garage with details on your Porsche especially unique features, options or stories relating to ownership and driving of air-cooled Porsches.

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