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Ash Crest Collection Gives Back to Fort Wayne with Sale of Porsches and Ferraris

Saturday’s Virtual Cars & Coffee started with Austin Ash of Fort Wayne, Indiana sharing and talking about the Ash Crest Collection’s Porsche Carrera GT that is a centerpiece of their collection. This is the tenth Carrera GT that they’ve owned and they state it will be their last as it is the ideal one; it looks great and they can drive it and enjoy it with 2900 miles on the odometer.

Porsche Carrera GT at Ash Crest Collection
Ash Crest Collection's Porsche Carrera GT at Virtual Cars & Coffee

But, the real story is how the Ash family is using their Ash Crest Collection of Porsches and Ferraris to support their community of Fort Wayne, Indiana, hard-hit by COVID-19. The Ash family recognizes that they have been incredibly blessed to have the resources to weather this catastrophe, yet so many in Fort Wayne have not.

Rather than talk about it, the Ash family decided to act with the determination that their cars could serve a much larger purpose. It was decided to sell seven of their collector cars and give 100% of the proceeds to local businesses and families that have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis in greater Fort Wayne and northeast Indiana region.

Ash Crest Collection Porsche Collection
Ash Crest Collection in Fort Wayne, Indiana

So far the Ash Crest Collection has raised $1,000,000 through the help of collectors from across the country; one paying two times the value of the vehicle as their way to support Ash Crest’s effort for the Fort Wayne Community.

The list of cars that have been up for sale include:

2006 Ferrari F430 Spider: Red over tan, 5800 miles, 6-speed (Sold)

2007 Ferrari F430 Spider, Red over tan, 250 miles (Sold)

2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS with Weissach package, PTS Mexico Blue, 260 miles (Sold)

2004 Porsche 911 GT3, Silver over black, 8,200 miles (Sold)

2013 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, Yellow over black, rare 6-speed, 7,600 miles (Sold)

1966 Corvette L72 Big Block 427, Nassau Blue, 4-speed, 38,000 miles

1967 Corvette 427/435 Big Block convertible, Rally Red, manual, 39,000 miles

As far as we know the two Corvettes are still available and would make a great addition to a Corvette collection.

Porsche GT3 RS, Porsche GT3
Porsches and Ferraris Sold during Ash Crest Sale for COVID-19

PS: I recognize this is not air-cooled Porsche news, but in this difficult time it is sometimes important to look at how the community is supporting others.

Organizers, Sponsors and Participants of the Virtual Cars & Coffee IG @AshCrestCollection

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