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Porsche Movies on Prime, Netflix and YouTube

Porsche Movies to watch while self-quarantining during stay-at-home orders.

Porsche Movies Netlix, Prime, YouTube
Porsche Movies on Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime

Porsche enthusiasts can enjoy their quarantine time watching some great Porsche and car focused movies.

Air Brigade takes a look at some interesting ones on Amazon Prime, Netflix and YouTube.

Amazon Prime

Porsche Movies on Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime Offers a Full Selection of Porsche Movies

Amazon Prime offers a much more extensive selection of Porsche specific movies. Here are some titles to consider.

Carrera Panamericana (1950-54) – A drama starring famous Porsche driver John Finch with orignal footage and the story behind the fast and most dangerous race in the world: The Carrera Panamerican road race in Mexico.

Decades of Disruption - A Porsche documentary covering the 70 year history of Porsche.

The Green Hell – Story about the famous Nurburgring by following the relationship between Man, Machine and Nature.

The Porsche 911 Story – Covers the story of the Porsche 911 from the design studio to the race track. Famous personalities and collectors open their garages with stories about Porsche ownership.

50 years of the 911 – Covers the 50 year history of the Porsche 911

Legends of Speed

Car History Porsche 911 – Motorvision follows the history of the Porsche 911.

Great Cars: Porsche

Porsche 911 by Studiokippenberger – Bugatti’s head of design personal Porsche 911 backdate project. Feature Porsche 911 specialist builder Willi Thom.


Netlix Porsche Movies
Netflix Offers a Full Range of Racing Movies

Netflix doesn’t offer Porsche specific movies but does have some interesting Supercar documentaries, racing movies and some thrillers and dramas with a car focus.

Apex, The Story of the Hypercar – A documentary about a visionary carmaker introducing his fuel-efficient, high performance hypercar to compete against Ferrari and Porsche

Drive – An Action Thriller where a thief allies with a street racer for a grand heist.

Faster Car – Drivers of exotic supercars drag race against sleeper cars modified by street racers.

Formula 1 Drive to Survive – Follows the 2019 Formula 1 season

Gentleman Driver –A documentary that follows four tycoons who race and participate in endurance sports car racing.

Go Karts – The story of teens go kart racing. Might be a good one for the family.

The 24 Hour War - Documentary about the battle between Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari that culmanated in the battles at LeMans. Documentary version of Ford vs Ferrari

Wheelman – Drive like your life depends on it. A movie thriller that involves car chases and crashes.

Williams – Documentary about the birth of the Williams Formula 1 team.


YouTube Porsche Movies, Magnus Walker Urban Outlaw
YouTube Offers Porsche Movies Galore

YouTube offers so many videos, it is hard to pick highlights, but these are a few you may want to look at. Whatever your Porsche interest, insert it in the searchbar and you’ll find more Porsche videos on the subject than you can image.

Urban Outlaw – Magnus Walker – This is the documentary that put Magnus Walker on the map:

Bavarian Enthusiast TV – Follow a 993 and Carrera 3.2 owner as he explores the world of Porsche ownership

History of Porsche Documentary – History of the brand Porsche by Discovery TV

Porsche Channel – View the official Porsche channel for the highlights of the brand according to the factory:

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