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Porsche for Sale: Never Driven in the Rain ??

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Is it a better Porsche if it has never been driven in the rain?

When buying a pre-owned Porsche you often see a selling point to be “Never driven in the rain or snow.” How can this be? And, why is this good?

First, let’s start with the fact that your Porsche is produced overseas and has a journey of trucks, trains boats and holding facilities to arrive in the US, clear customs and make its way to the dealership. And, then once at the dealership it most likely sits outside on a lot until the sale occurs. The chance of your Porsche never seeing rain during this time is slim to a myth.

True, it may not have been driven in the rain during this period, but it has definitely been in the rain.

But, why do people think a rain-free Porsche is good, especially since you wash a Porsche so it gets wet during its life anyway. I would probably believe clean, natural rain water is better for a car than the mineral and chemical-laced waters coming through city water lines or out of wells if you are in an urban area.

I have to believe the statement “Never seen rain or snow” comes from the days before galvanized metals and the rust protection processes that manufacturers use today. In the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s the main nemesis of a used car was rust. This could be caused by water trapped in nooks and crannies, salt that was used on roads in the northern snow-belt states and in general corrosive agents such as battery acid in the case of the famous hellhole rot of a Porsche 914.

A Porsche is a driver’s car meaning you drive it. This leads to Air Brigade’s motto for the monthly drives: “Drive Rain or Shine.” We don’t car about “no stinking rain, let’s drive.”

I think today when you see the rain stating the Porsche has never seen rain or snow, it is an indicator of the ownership as opposed to the reality. A Porsche that states it has never seen rain indicates:

  • The Porsche has been owned by a meticulous owner

  • The car is clean, dry and rust-free

  • It is probably a garage-queen as opposed to a driver

  • The owner just hates doing the thorough clean required of an older air-cooled Porsche that has been in rain or snow since you do have to be sure that no water is trapped in the crevices of sheet metal designed into older cars prior to rust awareness and prevention by manufacturers.

So it is going to be my premise that a Porsche that has never been driven in the rain is a myth, and should not be taken literal but should be considered an indicator that the owner of the Porsche for sale was meticulous and cared for their car to an almost anal-retentive degree.

Me, I intend to drive my Porsches; give me one that has seen rain or snow, I don’t care. It means it was a Porsche owned by a passionate owner who enjoyed his Porsche and kept the car, fluids and parts moving like the Porsche engineers intended. There is nothing worse than buying a car that has never been driven. That’s another article for another time.

See you on the road in an Air-Cooled!

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