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Keep Driving: Quarantine in Your Porsche

We are all on a 15-day lockdown but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your air-cooled Porsche. Driving is an option because you are isolated in your individual cockpit so you can maintain the self-quarantine and social distancing requirements set out by the government.

The biggest problem is that generally drives are conducted with other Porsche enthusiasts. The social aspect of a cup of coffee while we congregate and a stop for lunch is a big part of the drive. Like everything else in life right now it requires a change in habit. No coffee klatch during meet-up and no lunch at a little roadside diner.

Several of us have talked about getting together for a drive. We usually use walkie-talkies to communicate during the drive anyway so we could meet the quarantine guidelines and still talk.

If you are not in the Asheville area where I organize drives, make use of the “Find-a-Drive” or “Create-a-Drive” program within You do need to be a member and signed into Air Brigade to access the function. If you are interested in setting up a drive, use the dropdown under your name in the upper right corner of the web site. You can click on “Post-a-Drive” to create a drive that identifies how many Porsches can drive, how long it is going to be and a general route description. Other Air Brigade air-cooled Porsche owners/members can then see that you have organized a drive and can sign up for it.

So how do we make a safe social distancing drive that conforms to safety guidelines?

  • Create a route and send it out ahead to all participants so they have the turn-by-turn directions in their car or loaded in their GPS.

  • Arrange a meeting point.

  • Advise everyone to bring a walkie-talkie (if you don’t own a set the Air Brigade shop has an option to order a set off Amazon. They can be to your house in two days in most cases.

  • When you arrive at the meeting point for the start you can greet each other via walk-talkie or you can get out of your cars and maintain a 6’ safe distance between each of you. In most cases it is just five or six Porsches so you can easily meet the guideline of less than ten-person meeting with 6’ separating each of you.

  • Hop in your cars and drive!

Gas is cheap and everyone is looking for something to do, so set up a drive now for next week.

See you on the road in an air-cooled!

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