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Porsche Classic Originale Catalog Now Available

The newest edition of Porsche Classic Originale Catalog is now available at your Porsche dealer. This is number eight in the series. The Porsche Classic Catalog started as a wrapped catalog, but with number seven it started to be offered in a sleeve.

Classic Porsche Parts Catalog
Porsche Classic Originale #8 Now Available at Porsche Dealers

Though it is called a catalog, it is actually a combination magazine/catalog for Porsche Classic models. It is important to realize that according to Porsche terminology a Classic Porsche is a model that has been out of production for 12 years. The 911, type 997 is now entering into that territory as 2012 was the last year of 997 production. Right now, the 996 and 986 are the end of the classics.

Porsche Classic Parts Fuchs Wheels, MOMO Steering
Porsche Classic News

Porsche Classic Originale Number Eight has three sections: 1) Heros, 2) News, and 3) Parts. Two articles of particular interest to Air Brigade are Porsche re-introducing two classics: Fuchs Wheels and Momo-inspired steering wheel. Both of these performance classics are now available for selected derivatives of the 911, the 993, 996 and Boxster, type 986. The MOMO-inspired Classic performance steering wheel is available for all classic models.

The news section covers new Porsche Classic products and covers some basics such as the Classic Motoroil, touring bags and lamps for Porsche Classic models.

Classic Porsche Parts
Porsche Classic Parts Section in Originale Catalog

The catalog’s final section is the Parts section where you get a complete listing of all the Porsche Classic parts that are currently available. Each year, additional Classic Porsche parts are added. Porsche is one manufacturer who respects their history and supports it with continuing to provide Porsche Classic parts.

If you are interested in obtaining Porsche Classic Originale #8 visit the parts department of your Porsche dealer. The catalog is free at most Porsche dealers though it is noted that some, such as Suncoast require a $250 parts purchase to obtain a copy. The Air Brigade home dealer, Porsche Asheville, gladly supports their Porsche Classic owners offering the catalog for free.

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