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Porsche Books to Read During Self Isolation Recommended by Ray and Cam

Self-isolation has given us all the time to do those Porsche projects that we have meant to do or the Porsche research and reading to pass the time.

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Porsche Books to read during self-isolation time

On Saturday, Air Brigade tuned into an Instagram Live event titled Fresh Brewed & Air-Cooled featuring Cam Ingram of Road Scholars and Ray Shaffer of Porsche Classic. Part one of the report focused on their memorable driving experiences. Other topics they discussed were Porsche books that they are reading.

Let’s take a look at some of their suggestions.

Showroom Stock by Dave Wolin $24.95

Porsche 944 in Showroom Stock Racing series
The Showroom Stock Raciong Series by Dave Wolin

This book provides insight about the Showroom Stock racing series from the perspective of drivers, team owners, etc. sharing stories and quotes about this series

Porsche High Performance Driving Handbook By Vic Elford $13.95

Porsche high performance driving book
One of the best Porsche driving books by Vic Elford

This is the second edition that is a little less expensive than a first edition at $24.95. This book sets the standard for getting the most out a Porsche. This book takes into account the new technology that gives readers the latest information on how to drive a Porsche to its limit.

Porsche Double World Champions, 1900-77 by Richard Von Frankenberg $773.47

Porsche racing history book
Porsche Racing Reference for Forgotten Stories

Ray recommends this book as an example of a resource when researching restoration of a car or learning about facts and details of the past Porsche history that has not been passed on today’s writers. Less expensive versions are available online but this first edition is a collector’s edition.

Neil’s Book The 356A Porsche By Neil Goldberg $811.04

Neil Goldberg and Chuck Stoddard on Porsche 356
The "Bible" for Porsche 356 Resorers

Another collector’s book but if you are a Porsche 356 restorer like Cam Ingram and Roads Scholars then this book is essential. Neil Goldber, Chuck Stoddard and Marco Marinello covers step-by-step everything there is to share and know as they go through an unrestored Porsche 356A.

The Road Trip Book: 1001 Drives of a Lifetime By Darryl Sleath $20.00

Porsche Road Trips
A Great Reference for Road Trips in Your Porsche

Ray mentioned this book on a separate Instagram post but I wanted to include it because it is a book that I really want. It shares drives that are scenic, adventure and culture.

Magazines are other options for information and your research. Several of the magazines suggested were:

  • 000 Magazine

  • Porsche Panorama

  • Everything about Porsche Excellence

And of course, every day go to to read the latest air-cooled Porsche news story.

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