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Porsche 993 Pricing Trends

The leader in the price run-up of air-cooled 911 Porsches has always been the 993, but in the past year we have seen prices flatten and in some cases decline.

Air-Cooled Porsche 993 for Sale
Porsche 993

Haggerty Insurance tracks prices and shows a high reached for a #3 good model in September 2018 of a 1995 coupe to have achieved $57,000. Prices have declined in their database since then with a current value of $49,000 for a #3 good model. The Sports Car Market (SCM) Price Guide shows a similar trend but at a higher valuation. In the 2020 price guide, SCM is showing a median value of $56,000 versus the 2019 guide showing $66,000. SCM bases their pricing on Auction Sales so the best cars are crossing the block and commanding higher prices versus the Hagerty pricing data that brings other sales into consideration.

Porsche 993 Pricing trends
Hagerty Insurance Pricing Trends for Porsche 993