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Coupes are the Models of Choice in Porsche 993 and 964

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

The modern air-cooled Porsche 993 and 964 continue to command strong prices with the Coupes recording double-digit gains in 2020 over 2019. With a few exceptions, the Targas and Cabriolets were steady and generally commanding lower prices than the Coupes.

Porsche 964 for sale, Porsche 993 for sale
1991 Porsche 964 C4 in Guard's Red (top), Porsche 993 4S in Arena Red (bottom)

Both the 993 and 964 are available in both 4wd (C4) and 2wd (C2) models. The C4 models of the 964 are commanding higher prices and are seeing gains in value. In the 993 model, it is the opposite with the C2 models being a little stronger except for when you look at the 993 S models available starting in 1996. The Porsche 993 S appears to be the strongest price performer commanding $218,500 with a 6% gain in value during the past year.

These insights are based on a review of the Sports Car Market Pocket Price Guide that reports the median prices from publically reported sales of Porsche 964 and Porsche 993’s. Below is the overview of median prices and their change by model.

Porsche 964 Prices

Year(s) Model Price %Change

89-94 Porsche 964 C4 $103,500 16%

90-94 Porsche 964 C4 Targa $87,000 n/c

90-91 Porsche 964 C4 Cab $37,000 -10.8