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Porsche 964: Make it a Driver, Stock or a Backdate?

Air Brigade has been following this 1990 Porsche 964 RS Tribute on auction at PCarMarket to see whether a modified Porsche 964 is gaining attention as a great driver’s car, a basis to return to stock to capitalize on rising 964 values, or is the fate of a modified 964 destined to be a donor car for the backdate builders, i.e., Singer, etc.?

This modified Porsche 964 with an RS-style look is a former track car converted back to the street, but features some of the lightened aspects and look of a track car. It has RS-style bodywork, a lightened clutch and flywheel and is definitely lowered for road-hugging cornering. The radio and air conditioning are deleted and the sunroof is inoperable.

So, this Porsche 964 is currently set up as an ideal driver 964 for DE events, canyon carving or mountain blasting. The big unknown is will the market of Classic Porsche owners who want to drive their Porsche 964 hard, too small and limited to win the day on the auction site?

Porsche 964 for sale
Modified Porsche 964 RS-Style

The comments on PCarMarket seem to be focused on taking the car back to stock with multiple inquiries about making what remains of the air conditioning and sunroof to make both operable. The continued rising values of Porsche 964’s allow for some profit potential if the car is bought right and the owner can do the work (as either a hobbyist or a Porsche shop).

The other alternative is that one of the backdate builders, such as Singer will buy it and backdate it, a trend that threatens some very desirable Porsches. This will only occur if it can be bought right and that there is not a passionate Porschephile wanting this 964 to drive and enjoy.

So where does this Porsche 964 end up?

Porsche 964 for sale
Black Leather Intrior with Recaro Syle Bucket Seats and Maritime Blue Accents

Air Brigade believes it will sell for under the market for stock Porsche 964’s and will be bought by an individual wanting to own a 964 with a thought of market appreciation. The idea will probably be to make the car user-friendly by re-installing the air conditioning, fixing the sunroof and adding a radio. Unless it is a knowledgeable buyer they will soon find even what sound like small fixes will be big expenses.

For Air Brigade, living in the mountains of Western North Carolina, this stripped down RS-style 964 is the perfect mountain-runner and would definitely be on the buy list if a 1968 Porsche 911 Hot Rod wasn’t gaining garage time and money to get it right.

The big hope is that it doesn’t end up as a donor car. The Porsche 964 offers the ideal combination of classic looks with modern touches so it is hoped more will survive than ending up as donor cars for backdate projects.

Let’s watch the auction and see.

1990 Porsche 964 Carrera 2 Modified with an RS Look

Porsche 964 for sale
RS-Style Modified Porsche 964 | PCarMarket

Polar Silver over black interior

Glass-out respray

Engine rebuild with lightweight clutch and flywheel

Full RS-style interior with replica Recara bucket seats and Maritime Blue accents

Former track car

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