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Two Porsche 930 Turbos; Two Very Different Results

Two 1980’s Porsche 911 Turbos recently crossed the auction block at the RM Sotheby’s Palm Beach Online Auction producing very different results.

Porsche 911 Turbo
1987 Porsche 930 (top), 1985 Porsche 930 (bottom) | Courtesy RM Sotheby's

The White 1987 Porsche Carrera 911 Turbo sold for $115,000 while the Black 1985 930 Turbo did not sell is listed at being for sale at $82,500. The Sports Car Market Price Guide lists a median price for these 911 Turbos to be $104,000 so one sold above and one still hasn’t sold yet at a price more than $20,000 under the median price.

Here is an overview on each car followed by Air Brigade thoughts as to why one sold and one didn’t sell.

1987 Porsche 911 Carrera Turbo sold for $115,000

Porsche 911 Turbo
1987 Porsche 930 in Grand Prix White | Courtesy RM Sotheby's
  • 3.3 liter turbo engine with 4-speed manual transmission

  • Grand Prix White over Burgundy leather interior

  • Records from new including the window sticker

  • Less than 29,000 miles

  • Options: Sunroof, limited slip differential, heated sport seats, luggage compartment in black velour, White wheels, air conditioning

  • Condition: Meticulous ownership

1985 Porsche 930 911 Turbo still for sale for $82,500

Porsche 911 Turbo
1985 Porsche 930 Black over Black | Courtesy RM Sotheby's
  • 3.3-liter turbo engine with 4-speed manual transmission

  • Black exterior paint over Black leather interior

  • Factory books, service records, import paper

  • Less than 28,000 miles

  • Options: Sunroof, power heated seats, air conditioning and BBS Wheels with what appears to be larger than normal tires for this model

  • German car originally

  • Condition: Looks to be a driver with a clean Carfax

Reasons Why One Porsche Turbo Sold and One Did Not Sell

Air Brigade believes there were three key reasons why the white 911 Turbo sold and the black 911 Turbo did not sell:

1. Originality and Condition

  • The white 930 Turbo presents as flawless and very original

  • The black 930 Turbo presents as driver quality with non-original equipment in BBS wheels and larger than stock tires

Conclusion: A Porsche 930 Turbo is being purchased at this point in its lifecycle as a collector car as opposed to a regularly driven Porsche so buyers are going to value originality and stock appearance as opposed to period modifications.

2. Color Combination

  • Grand Prix White over burgundy leather is a stunning combination and unique look

  • The Black over black is a more traditional Turbo look

Conclusion: Collectors value the unique colors and combinations of exterior and interior colors. The white is not so unique but combined with high quality burgundy leather this vehicle stands out and will make a nice addition to a Porsche collection. Black over black is a popular Porsche turbo combination and is just not that unique.

Porsche 930 Turbo Interior
Interior Comparison: 1985 930, left and center, 1987 930 right | Courtesy RM Sotheby;s

3. Quality of Photography

  • The quality of the White 930 Turbo photography is so much higher that it presents the car as a higher value car. Quality includes the setting (greenscape versus an industrial parking lot) and lighting (the white car is photographed in a softer light that highlights the details as opposed to the black turbo that was photographed in harsher light that makes it very difficult to show the black features to its best.

  • The other aspect is cleanliness of the car for photography. The white 930 is spotless and every aspect of the car presents well; the interior, engine bay and under carriage. The black 930 shows the signs of being a driver with dirty floor mats, a well-used engine bay even though the odometer reads less than 28,000 miles and an under carriage that shows some real use to the car.

Conclusion: It is one thing to see the car in person and evaluate its condition but when the auction/sale is online only, then the photos have to show the best of the car. Professional photography with attention to detail will pay dividends as evidenced by a sale of more than $30,000 over a no-sale.

Porsche 930 Turbo Engines
Compare the quality of the two Porsche 930 engine bays, 1985 left, 1987 right | Courtesty RM Sotheby's

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