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Porsche 914 Relay Board Repair

The Porsche 914 engine dies, it starts, it dies... I experienced this recently with my 1973 Porsche 914 2.0. The immediate fix is that the dreaded Porsche 914 relay is bad. I foolishly was driving without a spare, so we “borrowed” the one from the pop-up headlamp. Switching the relays didn’t solve the engine not firing and I was miles from home. It was a flat bed ride to the dealer.

Porsche 914 Relay Board
Porsche 914 Relay Board with Expoxy Backing Removed

Yes, I said to the dealer, Porsche Asheville. Not many people take their 914 to the dealer still, but Porsche Asheville features an air-cooled mechanic, Kevin, who is extraordinary in diagnosing air-cooled Porsche problem