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Big Money Porsche 912 Soft Window Targa Sale

A 1968 Porsche 912 Soft Window Targa achieved a $20,000 plus premium over normal selling prices according to the Sports Car Market Price Guide and an Air Brigade Porsche 912 expert who is currently restoring a Porsche 912 Soft Top Targa.

This Porsche 912 Soft Top was sold previously on Bring-a-Trailer (BaT) where it achieved a sales price of $42,000. This recent sale at $73,000 was also on BaT. The $31,000 increase in sale price was clearly attributed to the major refurbishment that completed in the last year. With all the work that was completed it is doubtful that the seller got their money out of the car. The refurbishment work was completed by Esposito Porsche Repair in North Hollywood so it was done right.

The seller states that he has $110,000 invested in this car.

Porsche 912 Soft Window Targa in previous Black

The car was black when purchased off BaT in June 2019 and now wears the original proper Irish Green paint. A replacement suspension pan and steel floor panels were installed under the seller’s ownership along with lateral and fuel tank supports. New vinyl upholstery was also added.

This Porsche 912 is numbers matching and was re-built in 1994 while the five-speed manual transaxle was serviced in 1998. During the 2020 rebuild, Esposito Porsche Repair installed a new clutch.

Why the $20,000 Premium

  1. Condition: This car went through an extensive refurbishment by a noted Porsche Repair shop. It you wanted a high quality Porsche 912 Soft Window Targa then someone else spent the money to make this right.

  2. Rarity: According to the 912 Registry approximately 2562 Soft Window 912 Targas were produced accounting for 8% of the total 912 production.

  3. Documentation: This car has complete and thorough documentation from new and includes the tool kit and jack.

Air Brigade Analysis

Even with the premium price paid for this 1968 Porsche 912 Soft Window Targa over median sales prices, it provides the owner with a vehicle in top shape and would be a good addition to any collection. Will you get the $73,000 out of the car when you go to sell it; probably not, but during ownership you will have one of the best examples of a Soft Window 912 Targa that money can buy.

Always let someone else spend the money on a refurbishment as it is very difficult to get your money out of a quality restoration/refurbishment.

June 2019 BaT Sale of 1968 Porsche 912 Soft Window Targa:

Porsche 912 Soft Window Targa for sale
Porsche 912 Soft Window Targa as sold in Irish Green

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