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A Porsche 912 Built for Cross-Country Drives

Porsche 912 Driver
1968 Porsche 912 Cross Country Driver
Porsche Cayenne, Porsche 944, Porsche 912, Porsche 912 Soft Window Targa
Porsche Fleet: Cayenne, 944, 912 and 912 SW Targa

Member Monday: This week’s Member Monday focus is on Peter and Claudia who were at the very first Air Brigade drive in May 2018 with their red Porsche 912, affectionately known as “Rusty”. Peter and Claudia have owned this 912 for 25 years. It was their first foray into the Porsche world. They jumped in whole heartedly as they now own a 912 soft window targa in restoration, a 944 and a Cayenne daily driver.

Peter and Claudia’s 912 is well known in 912 circles with his fun headlights and their propensity to drive the distance with their 912. “Rusty” has carried Peter and Claudia from Asheville, NC to the West Coast for the 912 gathering and annually they travel to the Hill Country Rallye. This Porsche 912 is a regular furthest drive winners at many gatherings across the country.