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The Rare External Oil Filler Door on a 1972 Porsche 911

This Signal Yellow 1972 Porsche 911T not only features a highly desirable color but as a 1972 model it also has the one-year only rare external oil filler door on the right quarter panel. This Signal Yellow 1972 Porsche 911T Coupe is currently being offered for auction on PCarMarket.

This '72 features is a numbers matching Porsche with several upgrades including a MSD electronic ignition, a Bluetooth radio and Coco Mats. The original radio is included so you can acquire a highly original early 911 in a highly desirable color. The only downside from a conductibility standpoint is the missing MFI (Mechanical Fuel Injection).

The external Oil Filler Door introduced in 1972 was removed after one year due to too many customers (or gas station attendants since in those days gas stations offered full service where they filled your tank) accidentally filled the Oil Filler with gasoline.

The Sports Car Market Price Guide lists a median price for this car at $87,500. Air Brigade believes that the special Signal Yellow color will out-trump the missing MFI and should bring a price right around the $90,000 mark. The car is a stunner and should attract attention as the auction winds down. It is currently bid to $50,000 with an auction ending in two days. As we have learned the real action occurs in the final hour.

What do you think? How will the missing MFI impact the price versus the strong original color appeal of Signal Yellow?

Bid now, if you are interested as the auction ends on August 4, 2021.

1972 Porsche 911 External Oil Filler Door
Note the External Oil Filler Door on the Right Fender of the 1972 911

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It is my understanding that the reason for the relocated oil tank was to move the oil tank forward for better weight distribution. In 1972 the factory built the ST race cars. i believe the 959 used the same lid. The tank was moved forward again in the 964 with the filler in the engine compartment. The lack of mfi might hurt a little but can be replaced. In going through my 35 years of accumulated porsche parts i found a box with a complete 72 t mfi which will go to Carlisle next year. It was not unusual to convert to webers when the pump went bad and aftermarket kits were available.

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