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Member Monday: 40-Years of Porsche 911S Ownership

Member Monday: This Black on black 1975 Porsche 911S has been with one owner for 40 years. William purchased this 911S in 1980 from a California owner in 1975. The car now resides in Georgia. It is a sunroof coupe with its original 2.7-liter engine.

This Porsche 911S received a fresh coat of paint in 2011 from GT Motorcars in Gainesville, Florida. William also had the engine rebuilt by Franz Blam Racing in Georgia.

As you can see, William enjoys the performance of his 911S with an occasional track excursion. It is always good to see air-cooled Porsche owners driving and enjoying their classic Porsche. Too many of the classic Porsches stay in the garage becoming garage queens.

One of the initial goals of forming the Air Brigade was to avoid having air-cooled Porsches becoming garage-bound. The organization started with drives and has now become the news source for air-cooled Porsche owners.