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What is a Porsche 911 RWB?

Porsche Tuner, RWB out of Japan is the latest “it car” in the world of Tuner Outlaw Porsche 911’s. RWB is the brainchild of Akira Nakai who brands his controversial air-cooled Porsche Outlaws as Porsche RWB’s for Raum-Welt Begriff that roughly translates from German to English as Rough World Concept. The RWB design features rough riveted bodywork that gives an imperfect look but Nakai thinks it provides character and soul.

Porsche 911 RWB
Porsche RWB Tuned 911's as seen at DRT2020 Miami

The riveted wide fenders and window branding of RAUH-Welt are the most distinguishing characteristics of an RWB Porsche, but each build also includes new front and rear bumpers, side skirts and a wing.

The fenders come in sizes from Narrow (left above) to Wide (right above) though most people would define narrow as a wide fender.

Nakai’s first RWB was a Porsche 930 and he continues using air-cooled Porsche 964 and 993’s as the donors for his creations. RWB Porsches are very controversial, as the bodywork is so extreme beyond the classic air-cooled designs that some traditionalists are offended by, while some recognize the creativity.

Each Porsche RWB receives a personal name from Nakai that reflects both the owner and the car. Nakai’s first Porsche 930 received the name Stella Artois to reflect his strong like of Stella Atrois beer. This Porsche RWB was spotted arrived at DRT2020 in Miami with the name Carolina emblazoned down the side skirts. I.m not sure what the significance is of the reverse Carolina, but based on the script and colors the owner is a graduate/fan of the University of North Carolina.

Jezebel, the 7th RWB-build ever created is being auctioned on and is currently at a bid of $47,000 with seven days to go. RWB Porsches usually fetch $200,000 so expect this model to climb over the next seven days. The Jezebel Porsche RWB is unique because of the “smooth” fender design that is contrary to Nakai’s design ethos. This RWB was reportedly built for his personal use and features a 3.0-liter air-cooled flat-six turbocharged engine.

RWB recently opened an operation in Los Angeles to support new and existing clients.

RWB Porsches in Los Angeles:

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