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The Tale of Four Porsche Hot Rods at PCarMarket

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

The most recent episode of the YouTube Channel, PCarMarket Live, features a discussion of the Porsche Outlaws Market; what is happening, why they sold and what are the values?

Joining this discussion are Host David Jacobson, PCarMarket SVP Jim Barry and Hunting Ridge Motors owner, Mark Starr. I have a personal connection to this topic as I recently purchased a 1968 Porsche 911 Outlaw on PCarMarket from Mark Starr. The car is the first one featured in this YouTube Segment.

PCarMarket Porsche 911 Hot Rod Market
Host Mark Jacobson, Hunting Ridge Motors; Mark Starr and Jim Barry, SVP PCarMarket

The big question as poised by host David, is how do you value a Porsche Outlaw? What is the difference between a $50,000 build and a $200,000 build. Everyone agreed that it is a very confusing market and there are no book values so a lot comes down to what is the quality of the build, the value of the car to the bidder and emotional attachment.

In my case, it fit a lot of needs: emotionally it was the visual derivative of my former 1969 Porsche race car in Light Ivory with a black Porsche stripe and my just-sold orange 914. More importantly as Commander of the Air Brigade, it was an air-cooled Porsche with distinctive looks and was built to drive. The built-to-drive was important because I do a lot of mountain driving so I am not looking for a garage queen. I want something with pep, handling and something I don’t have to worry if a stone nicks the front end.

This segment of PCarMarket Live is 40 minutes long so I will provide the time breaks if you want to jump through the video for specific segments.

Time Stamp: 9:00 1968 Porsche 911 Outlaw 2.2 liter

Porsche 911 Outlaw for sale
1968 Porsche 911 Outlaw with '69 911S Motor

The main takeaway on this car is that it was tastefully done and had a high cool factor with the two-tone Light Ivory and Orange paint with such details as twin Heuer Lap Timers on the dash and a powertrain that delivered on the look. The estimate was that this car could have landed anywhere between $50,000 and $100,000. The belief was that it sold fair, and broker Mark Starr in fact said it sold within $1,000 of where they believed it would sell. This is what is called a good deal; the buyer and seller both walk away happy.

Time Stamp: 16:40 Discussion of Air Brigade

As an aside, the panel discusses that the buyer is the founder and leader of Air Brigade for Air-Cooled Porsches and that this car is being driven. It is a nice promotion for the group. Thank you PCarMarket.

Time Stamp 17:59 1979 Porsche 1974 RSR Tribute

Porsche RSR Tribute for Sale
1979 Porsche Built as a 1974 RSR Tribute Car

This car was very well done and I will have to say it was one I considered but couldn’t afford. It sold on PCarMarket for $115,000.

However, the story is its trips to the Auction Block over the past year. It first went to PCarMarket a year ago at the completion of its build and was bid to $160,000. The builder wouldn’t accept the bid because he said he had more than that in it (estimated by the panel that it probably cost $200,000 to build.)

The car ended up going to a live auction house and sold for considerably less. It is estimated to have sold at no reserve for $90,000-$100,000. The PCarMarket seller was very happy with the $115,000 price so he must have paid less than $100,000.

Time Stamp: 23:30 1989 Porsche 911 25th Anniversary

Porsche Outlaw for sale
1989 Porsche 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Built as a Hot Rod

It is rare that a Porsche Special Edition model is modified into an Outlaw but in this case it was a wise move. The car had over 100,000 miles on it so the value as a collectible was diminished. The panel estimated that in the condition it was in as a stock car it would have commanded in the $40,000 range. The sale price as an Outlaw was $58,000. The funny part is that the owner was not even aware that it was a limited edition 25th Anniversary Porsche. Why did it work; the panel felt that looking at the car just evoked an emotional appeal. In this case the black wheels really worked.

Time Stamp: 29:11 1995 993 RWB LA #3 “JennaBelle”

Porsche RWB for Sale
Porsche RWB Hot Rod

The RWB Porsche builds are love or hate them and it was true among the panel. This was another car that did the rounds of the auctions. It first went on Bring-a-Trailer (BaT) where it was a no-sale at $91,000. PCarMarket then listed it where it sold for $100,964.

So there is the Tale of Four Porsche Hot Rods. The take-away is that the value of each is very hard to identify as so much comes down to the emotional link to the buyer. The market is a sub-segment of the Porsche market and will always have varied results. Watch the YouTube segment yourself and decide: Were the buys right or off?

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