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Are Porsche 356 Tool Kits the New Blue Chip Investment?

Is the Porsche 356A Carrera Tool Kit on Bring-A-Trailer (BaT) real or fake? There is a lot of discussion on both the BaT forum and the 356 Registry Forum. The reality though is that there are several bidders who want it and have driven the price to $7,900 meaning this will easily surpass $10,000 at auction’s end.

A previous Porsche 356 tool kit for a 356B that sold in May 2020 on BaT achieved a sale price of $13,356. This 356A Carrera tool kit is sure to surpass this previous sale due to its rarity of only 300 road going Carreras existing that may need this tool kit. If you own one of these Porsche 356A Carreras and need the tool kit, this is your opportunity.

Now the big question, and the big discussion on the forums, is it real. The seller doesn’t state that it is all-original and in fact makes “no guarantees to this (the circle 7 screwdriver) or any of the other tools in this kit.” Based on the expertise of 356 owners who are weighing in heavily on the BaT and 356 Registry Forums, many of the tools are reproductions. The point is though that it is a very well presented tool kit and completes the circle of Porsche 356 Carrera ownership to have a tool kit that appears period correct in every detail unless you give it close detailed inspection.

The previous sale on BaT of a 1962 Porsche 356B tool kit for $13,356 shows the importance and value of having a period correct tool kit even it is not authentic.

As one owner of four 356A Carreras states: “...each had a tool or three when bought; none had a complete kit.” That statement alone says to me that the price this tool kit is being driven to is worth the value. If I have one of the rare 356A Carreras with a partial tool kit that may be authentic, but it is not complete, now is my chance to have a complete tool kit. In a quick search of public sales of 356A Carreras tool kits are not mentioned as coming with the car because they are so rare for 63-year-old car.

Considering that a 356A Carrera is a half a million to a million-dollar car, what’s $10 - $20,000 for a tool kit to have your rare Porsche appear complete?

Porsche 356A Carrera for sale
1957 Porsche 356A Carrera | Coutesy RM Sotheby's

BaT Porsche 356A Carrera Tool Kit Auction:

BaT 1962 Porsche 356B Tool Kit Auction Results:

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