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What is the Impact of an Engine Change on Porsche 356 Pricing?

What will be the price impact on the beautiful Champagne Yellow 1960 Porsche 356B 1600S Roadster that PCarMarket is auctioning with a non-original Porsche 912 engine?

According to the Sports Car Market price guide, this particular model has a median price of $178,000. With two days left in the auction, this 356 is currently priced at $60,356. In December 2020, a 1963 Porsche 356B Cabriolet with a non-original engine bid to $90,500. Under the rule of market economics, this would indicate the market price for a Porsche 356B with a non-original engine and a color change.

Porsche 356 for Sale
Porsche 912 engine in a 356B Roadster

This 356B Roadster will probably top out just under $100,000. The 356 buyer generally wants an original numbers matching car and with this 356 you are looking at an engine change to a 912 engine. The fact that it is not even a 356 engine, and a color change inside and out from original makes this car a fun driver, that impacts the price greatly. The 356 has the appearance of a stock Roadster, but loses its value with the engine and color switch. The car is probably valued at half the price of a numbers-matching original appearance 356B 1600S Roadster.

This is a desirable Drauz-bodied Roadster that features wind-up windows and a removable windscreen, but the likelihood of someone buying to return it to original condition is low. The buyer and seller need to recognize that the sale/purchase of this 356 will be to use it as a driver and local show car. It is very attractive and is sure to gain attention at any local show or Cars & Coffee.

Since it already is a non-original car, the new owner may want to take the next step and replace the drum brakes with disc brakes to improve the driving experience.

Porsche 356 for sale
1960 Porsche 356B 1600S Roadster for Sale on PCarMarket

Air Brigade will continue to watch this one, but we expect the price to top out in the high $80’s to mid-nineties.

1960 Porsche 356B 1600S Roadster with 912 engine

Porsche 356 for sale
Champagen Yellow Porsche 356B Roadster

$60,356 with two days in auction

  • Champagne Yellow – Original color of Silver Metallic

  • Tan leather interior and convertible top

  • Bodywork by Drauz with wind-up windows and removable windscreen

  • Original 1600 engine swapped for a flat-four from a Porsche 912

  • Drum Brakes at all four corners

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