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Porsche 356 Pre-A Coupe: It's not real, but oh, what fun!

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

This great looking Porsche 356 Pre-A Coupe Replica is for sale now on Bring-a-Trailer (BAT). It is a build from Vintage Motorcars and is being sold by them on behalf of the current owner. The build was completed in 2019 and features an Ivory fiberglass body over red vinyl upholstery. The is titled as a 1961 Volkswagen, presumably based on its donor chassis as opposed to a 1955 Porsche as the replica body is modeled after.

The look is great with the wide whitewall tires, driving lights and 15” Mangel wheels. The driving should be a blast with its air-cooled 1,776 cc flat-four linked a four-speed “Freeway Flyer” manual transaxle with four-wheel disc brakes, power windows and heated seats.

But, it is a Replica!

I suspect all car guys and probably even 356 aficionados can agree this one is a great looking car. What about the concept of creating and owning a replica?

If you love the look, and want to have a more modern driving experience in an affordable package, a replica is a way to go. The going price of a real Pre-A Coupe is a half a million dollars so few can afford one, and if you spend that amount of money you may be hesitant to drive. You can drive your replica with more power than the original, more safety with four-wheel disc brakes and the comfort of heated seats.

As BAT Commentator, @PDXBryan says: “...if I see something like this Pre-A replica that looks so convincing, drives as great as it appears to, surpasses the performance of the original, and is represented honestly like this one is, it gives me great joy because someone’s gonna be driving the daylights out of it and enjoying every minute!…………Oh man, I’m so sorry! For a second there I forgot that sports cars are only for collecting and parking in warehouses…….my bad.”

Porsche 356 Pre-A Coupe for Sale
Vintage Motorcars' 356 Pre-A Coupe Interior

One of the questions that came up on BAT commentary is the badging, 356 Registry grill badge PCA sticker. The general feeling is that as long as the owner is honest and is not deceiving then there is nothing wrong with the badging. As Commentator @RobertMc states:

“And for those questioning the “356 registry” grill badge or the PCA sticker it’s not really that big of a deal. You ask any replica owner about their car and they will tell you it’s a replica. I’ve never met a replica owner yet who has tried to pass of their car as the real deal. There are way too many “tells” that a replica is a replica. I’ve also met replica owners who know far more about original 356 Speedsters than actual Porsche owners. It’s the love of the car that drives them.

And since the vast majority of original Speedster owners and/or original coupe owners don’t drive their cars with the frequency of a replica owner no one is going to see their vehicles in their natural habitat. Replicas do nothing but generate interest in the marquee and the cars in general, ergo they bring attention to the 356 Registry and the PCA. The Registry and the PCA in general should be thanking replica owners. Lol

Buying New as Opposed to this Pre-Owned Porsche Pre-A Coupe Replica

Vintage Motorcars is based in Hawaiian Gardens, California and produces three models of replica Porsches: Speedster, Spyder and the Pre-A Coupe. Vintage Motorcars notes that the orders for the Pre-A Coupe is on a 24-month backlog and they are not taking orders so if you want a Pre-A, buying this one on BAT is your option.

This Pre-A Coupe is currently bid to $38,869 and ends in one day. The base turnkey Porsche Pre-Coupe from Vintage Motorcars sells for $44,900. This model features many options:

  • Banjo steering wheel

  • German Square Weave carpet

  • White wall tires

  • Umbrella hand brake

  • Bumper Guards

  • Fog lights

  • Vintage Speed exhaust

  • 12V power outlet

  • Door pulls

  • Left and right side fender mirrors

  • Optional 3.88 Transmission with 0.82 4th gear

  • Badging on the car was done by the customer.

NOTE: This car was bid to $52,000 with a no sale so the reserve was not met. The market valued it at the new build price with some premium for options. As the adage goes, let someone else restore/build as you will not get your money back.

For more info on Vintage Motorcars visit their Web Site:

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