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The Rare and "Affordable" Porsche 356 Notchback

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

A rare and affordable Porsche 356 Notchback is on the auction block with Bring-a-Trailer (BAT). Offered in Champagne Yellow over black, the Porsche 356 Notchback was produced in 1961 and 1962 with a total production of 2,290 units. These were the first Porsches built by Karmann.

Porsche 356 Notchback for sale
Porsche 356 Notchback in Champagne Yellow | Bring-a-Trailer

The Porsche 356 Notchback T-5 offered in 1961 is essentially a Porsche 356 Cabriolet with the optional steel cabriolet hardtop welded in place. The 1962 Notchback is a T-6 chassis and is very different in design. The T-6 Notchback body had it’s own production design; part cabriolet rear end design, part T-6 coupe windshield frame and a unique hardtop.

This particular offering has a 1961 title though BAT lists it as a 1962. It is missing the Karmann fender badge that identifies it as a 1962 and all production figures indicate it was produced in 1961.

This 356 Notchback has a couple questions as the seller says it is matching numbers, while one of the BAT Commentators questions it based on the production dates of the engine, transaxle and chassis. Unfortunately there is not a COA to determine the authenticity.

Porsche 356 Notchback for sale
Unique Porsche Notchback Styling

A complete refurbishment was completed in 2020 that included rust repair and overhauls of the transaxle, steering box and braking system.

There were eight previous auctions of 356 Notchbacks on BAT. The two auctions in 2020 had one no-sale of a 1961 that was bid to $45,000 in October of 2020 and a 1962 that sold in February of 2020 for $61,000.

The Sports Car Market Price Guide lists the median price for a T-5 Porsche Notchback as being $35,000 while a T-6 356 Notchback is listed at $39,500. This 356 Notchback is currently bid to $26,000 with four days left in the auction (ending on February 15, 2021). It is interesting to see that the commentators on BAT believe that the T-5 Notchback deserved a higher price. In looking at comments on the T-6 that sold for $61,000 commentators are stating what a good buy it was. I think people are confusing the high prices the 356 coupe and cabriolet bring and think that the Notchback should bring similar prices. The market overall says different.

NOTE: This Porsche 356 Notchback sold on Bring-a-Trailer for $81,500, more than double the median price of the car. This article was written prior to the final sale and perhaps Notchbacks are gaining a new-found respect among Porsche 356 collectors.

1962 Porsche 356B Notchback on Bring-a-Trailer

Porsche 356 Notchback for sale
Rare Porsche 356 Notchback for Sale on Bring-a-Trailer

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