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Is this Porsche 356 a Candidate for an Outlaw 356?

A matching numbers Porsche 356A price is now a $100,000 plus car so if you want to create a Porsche 356A Outlaw what’s the right donor car?

This 1959 Porsche 356A is now on Bring A Trailer and might be an Outlaw candidate. Let’s take a look. It has several factors that make it a potential candidate:

  • Non-matching numbers engine

  • In-correct paint per the COA

  • Louvers added to the engine lid

  • Several imperfections in the paint

  • Chrome 15” wheels

  • Unknown mileage

  • Replaced gauges with a broken speedometer needle

  • Engine with a Big-Bore kit and Solex Carburetors making it in effect a Super 90 engine

However, it has some downsides that might preclude it being an Outlaw candidate:

  • Condition is very nice so the ultimate sale price might make it too expensive as an Outlaw candidate. It is currently at $30,000 with five days left in the auction.

  • Requires additional enhancements such as disc brakes and upgraded transaxle for ideal Outlaw requirements

  • The interior is too nice to replace with sport seats and a roll bar; two interior enhancements for an Outlaw.

  • It has a sunroof that is nice for a 356 driver but for an Outlaw, the owner probably prefers no sunroof for the additional headroom and body rigidity for performance.


This Porsche 356A is probably not the ideal Outlaw candidate as it is too nice. Ideally the donor car will be more of a project car commanding a lower price to justify the Outlaw enhancements so the owner is too under water on the project. The reality is if you build the Outlaw it will probably be very difficult to get your money out of the car. You need to build the 356 Outlaw because you want to take on the project and build a Porsche Outlaw to your vision and plan to have long term ownership of the car.

The financially smart way to approach an Outlaw 356 is to buy one that someone else has spent the money on already and do small modifications to customize it to your tastes.

If you want to take on an Outlaw build, 356 Collector, Allen suggests the following criteria:

A roller missing the drivetrain so you can install a more powerful engine such as a 912 engine and a 356B or C upgraded transaxle

Rough paint and interior so you can paint to your desired color and replace the interior to Outlaw specs of sport seats, roll bar, seat belt harness and enhanced dash appearance.

Ability to switch out the braking system to disc brakes

This Porsche 356A’s Future

This Porsche 356A is a nice driver and is probably what will be its ultimate life’s purpose. This is a 356 for someone who desires to own and have a 356 experience to drive in tours and enjoy in local shows. It will provide a great experience at a price less than the median price of $122,000. This car will probably sell for $90,000 - $100,000. We’ll watch how this sale proceeds with the comments to see what observers and the ultimate buyer indicates as their ultimate use of this nice looking Porsche 356A.

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