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New Radio for Air-Cooled Porsches

Porsche Classic has announced a new radio is now available for air-cooled Porsches. This is an updated version from the Porsche Classic radio that had been available for $1200. The announcement of this new Porsche Classic radio was made in Germany with European Union pricing. US pricing is expected to be around $1,500.

Porsche Classic Radio
New Porsche Classic Radio for Air-Cooled Porsches

Porsche Classic’s Communication Management System brings modern digital connectivity to classic Porsches that can replace the original built-in radio with 1-DIN dimensions. The radio offers a high-resolution touchscreen with modern functions such as Apple CarPlay and onboard navigation.

The Porsche Classic radio will be launched in Europe first and will be coming to the United States later in the year.

The Porsche Classic Communication Management (PCCM) is further development of the original Porsche Classis radio that has been off the market for several months while Porsche transitioned to this new model. The PCCM is operated by two rotary knobs, six integrated buttons and touch-sensitive 3.5-inch display. Like the previous model it includes a navigation function.

A further highlight of this model is Apple CarPlay. Apple iPhone users will be able to use their iPhone apps for media playback, navigation and telephony while driving. Media playback is also possible via SD card, USB stick, AUX and Bluetooth.

Rado for Classic Porsche
Classic Porsche Radio Blends into Air-Cooled Porsche Dash

The Porsche Classic radio blends harmoniously into the dashboard of air-cooled Porsches due to the black surface finish and shape of the knobs. The radio features the Porsche logo and is suitable for 911 models from the 1960’s to the last 993 air-cooled 911’s. It is also usable in 914’s and the front-engine 944 and 924.

The projected $1,500 price tag is a lot of money for a radio, but unfortunately there are not options for vintage-looking radios appropriated for a Porsche 911 in the US. Blaupunkt has introduced a model in Europe that sells for around $500 but has yet to announce its availability in the US.

Last year my original Blaupunkt in my 1986 Carrera went kaput and has been at a repair shop for six months as they try to source parts. So far they haven’t had any luck so I installed a Sony radio in my car. Every time I get into my Porsche it bothers me because the modern look just does not fit in the classic Porsche black leather interior.

I hate the idea of spending $1,500 for a radio, but my OCD component demanding originality in my Porsche probably gives me no choice but to buy.

Porsche Newsroom Press Release:

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