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Modified Porsche 912 RS - A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing?

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

A modified 1968 Porsche 912 RS Tribute is for sale on Bring-a-Trailer with days to go. The owner doesn’t describe it as a 911 RS Tribute but it has all the bits and pieces: a widebody conversion with flared front and rear fiberglass fenders, RSR-style front bumper and a updated fiberglass rear bumper and hood. The car was autocrossed so it also features 16” wheels, Koni dampers, a roll cage, Welmeister front and rear sway bars, racing seats and harnesses.

What it doesn’t have is the big engine to go with it as it still retains a 912 flat-four engine bored out to 1.7 liters producing in the range of 100-110 hp. This is an unusual combination to have the car’s exterior be so muscular and powerful looking with a 912 flat-four still powering it. As commentators on BAT noted it really needs a flat-six engine conversion.

The owner/seller responds that he enjoyed the attention the car gains while he enjoys the car on the autocross course and doesn’t miss the bigger engine many expect with the “looks” of this Porsche 912 RS Tribute. As The Seller, @JaceRS1968 states: “It is a genuine 912 engine…I autocross for the joy…”

Porsche 912 for sale
Modified Porsche 912 Interior

This Porsche 912 RS is finished in white with black highlights and red interior. It was originally Guards Red. The Centerline 16” wheels are epoxy-coated black and wear Toyo 235/50 tires upfront and 255/50 in back. The car is lowered with Welmeister front and rear sway bars and Koni dampers at all four corners.

Porsche 912 for sale
Porsche 912 RS Flat-Four Engine

The 1.7-liter flat-four is fitted with NPR “Big Bore” cylinders and pistons that were installed approximately 12,000 miles ago. The odometer shows 80,000 miles. The engine features Weber 40IDF carburetors.

Is There Value in a Modified Porsche 912?

This modified Porsche 912 RS is currently bid to $7,523 with two days left in the auction. The likelihood of it reaching what I assume will be a reserve of $30,000 + is slim. The market for a modified 912 is small, especially one with such a muscular, powerful look that doesn’t deliver in the engine bay. Every car has a market if the price is right but I suspect it will take the seller willing to accept a price in the $20K range to move this out of the garage.

Most modified Porsche 912’s are modified to drop a larger engine in them to produce a Hot Rod that has the looks and power of a hot rod 911 with the lower cost of a 912 donor vehicle as opposed to the high cost of sixties and early seventies 911’s.

We’ll watch this one and see where it comes out. My guess: $25,000 with a no sale. The median price of a stock Porsche 912 is $51,500 so I believe the market will discount this car by half as 912 buyers generally want stock, original Porsche 912's as opposed to highly modified ones.

NOTE: I was a little high in my estimate. It sold for $19,350; $20,318 with buyer's premium.

1968 Porsche 912 RS Tribute on Bring-a-Trailer:

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