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Member Monday - Ricardo Pushes the Limits with his Porsche 993 C2

New Air Brigade member Ricardo drives his Porsche like in the spirit that Porsche engineers intended – he drives it and pushes it to the limit. I first saw Ricardo’s 1996 Porsche 993 C2 Coupe on the International Porsche Clubs Facebook page sliding through a corner and was intrigued.

It is not often that you see a classic Porsche being pushed to the limit on the track. The posts seemed to indicate that this was the norm for Ricardo and his 993. I reached out to Ricardo and invited him to join the Air Brigade and set up an online garage to share this great Porsche with other Air Brigade members. I was happy to learn that Ricardo’s English is better than my Portuguese because it turned out Ricardo lives on Madeira Island, Portugal.

As you would expect this 1996 993 C2 is anything but stock. The engine is 3.6 liters with the VarioRam System for more power; particularly in the mid-ranges and providing more throttle noise at higher revs. The ECU has been re-programmed to provide 14 more horsepower so this 993 C2 delivers 300 hp. The K&N air box and Dansk exhaust system add further to the power and performance of this driving machine.

Ricardo informs me that he has installed Bilstein B6 lower springs, Polyurethane Bushings, a Carbon Antiroll bar and more to provide the handling to push his Porsche to the limit.

Many Air Brigade members are active Porsche Club of America (PCA) members also, including the Air Brigade Commander who is Vice President and Events Chair for the Appalachian Region of PCA. I recently participated in a new President’s call and learned that Porsche AG manages all the International Porsche Clubs organization except PCA.

PCA is the largest Porsche Club worldwide and the largest single marque auto club with over 140,000 members. PCA established a special relationship with Porsche AG that allows them to retain their independence. Porsche AG protects the Porsche brand fiercely so an agreement exists that allows PCA to use Porsche in its name and logo and in the magazine title Porsche Panorama.

Air Brigade originally connected with Ricardo on the International Porsche Clubs Facebook page. A post of this black 993 C2 in a controlled drift on track intrigued me so I reached out to Ricardo inviting him to join the Air Brigade community and share his Porsche that is driven to its engineering limits.

Thanks for joining us Ricardo. Love your 993.

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