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Member Monday - Porsche Carrera with Kraft Turbo

Air Brigade first met Sean and his white 1986 Porsche Carrera with a Turbo at Petit Lemans outside Atlanta this last October. I was photographing air-cooled Porsches and leaving my Air Brigade card behind to encourage site sign-up.

1986 Porsche Carrera 3.2 Turbo
Sean enjoying the admiring glances of spectators checking his Carrera Turbo out

Sean signed up and started to tell me about his white “sleeper” Carrera Turbo. Event though it has Turbo badging it is now a Porsche produced 930 Turbo. It is a Carrera 3.2 that Sean purchased and then modified to make it wolf in sheep’s clothing.

First, it is no longer a stock 3.2-liter engine. It is now a 3.4-liter engine with a Kraft Turbocharger producing 520 hp. Sean’s Carrera also received suspension upgrades to handle all this extra power. The car features coil-overs and various Elephant Racing upgrades.

Sean and I had spoken via email since he saw the Air Brigade card and photos of his car on the site since photos were posted after Petit LeMans. The photo above was taken at The Collection Cars & Coffee in Miami in connection with DRT2020. I didn’t realize it was Sean’s car even though I stopped to photograph the turbocharger since the hood was open and I saw it was not a stock Porsche 930 but a modified Carrera 3.2 with a biggg Kraft Turbocharger in your face.

I went on my way photographing other air-cooled Porsches sprinkled around the streets, when Sean approached me with a “Jim, of Air Brigade?” We finally met though it was in Miami, hundreds of miles from our North Carolina/Georgia bases.

Sean drove his Porsche Carrera Turbo for 11+ hours from Atlanta to Miami to enjoy the festivities around Das Renn Treffen, DRT2020. The rain on the Friday track day had discretion be the better part of valor as he decided to keep this powerful Porsche oversteering “Widow Maker” off the wet track. His white pristine Carrera had a prime spot just outside the entrance of The Collection making it one of premier show cars of DRT2020 Cars & Coffee.

I need to get an Air Brigade window cling to Sean so his car is identified. I encourage all members to show their pride of Air-Cooled Porsche ownership by displaying the Air Brigade logo proudly on the window of your Air-Cooled Porsche.

1986 Porsche Carrera Turbo
Sean's Carrera Turbo at Petit LeMans

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